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About Mr Geek and Gadgets: I am a 40 something daddy of one, who loves the latest gadgets, Sci-Fi, Movies and Photography. I enjoy writing about life as a father, reviewing, testing & researching everything geeky.

I enjoy reading Lord of the Rings type books, with goblins, Elves and humans battling it out for survival. I love adding new content to my DVD/Blu-ray shelves. My collection was vast and huge, that is when I was a bachelor.

Now I am married, now I share my shelves with Cinderella, Frozen to the odd Chic flick which my wife owns. Scrambling to find the correct DVD for the right case is always a problem, but I guess its these type of experiences which make parenting fun.

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Why am I a Blogger

Since graduating from university with a degree in Business Management in 2006. I went in an industry which I knew next to nothing about, however, I learned a lot about the technology and computers which helped me to build my own rather than just buying one off the shelve at the local computer store.

I was even being paid to learn a lot more about Adobe Illustrator, especially when I had used photoshop most of my adult life.

I had been interested in Tech, gadgets and anything nerdy since my early childhood. Computers and building computers, including managing complex server systems, fuelled my nerdiness to new heights. I was in Nerd heaven.

While I was doing all of this for a job, I was learning more and more and graphic design.

Oh, how I wish I had changed my degree when I first had the chance back in 2004. I did get a few odd jobs here and there but never enough to fully earn a living from it.

 My Nerd and Geekiness How it all began

When the first Sega Megadrive first hit the shelves, I was mesmerised and transfixed of how fantastic they were.

I remember trying to beat Eggman over and over again while playing Sonic the Hedgehog. I spent numerous hours playing the game while annoying my parents at the same time, which is never a good mix.

Fast forward a few years, the Playstation came out and I was wasting away more of the twilight hours playing Metal Gear Solid. Jump ahead even further, I went to play this strange game called World of Warcraft. The day I got the game. I accidentally bought a game time card rather than the disc; which brought much laughter at my expense lol. I did eventually got the proper game and had many years of fun.

My bachelor years, I also spent at the back of the movie theatres watching all the latest releases which I thought were good.

Now, some may question my tastes, but rest assured, my wife doesn’t like all the DVD I have on my shelf. Considering I will NOT part with my Lord of the Rings Extended Editions. Trying to get my wife to watch them, is another story altogether.

In her defence, we did watch all the Hobbit Extended Versions (Not all in one go I might add), by the time The Battle of the Five Armies Extended arrived through my letterbox. I love my movies and I have SCI-FI (Yes I have the Blu-ray set of the Star Wars Saga), I love war movies to some extent, just not the gore.

I love photography and I do enjoy a good spy thriller, in either book or movie format. Without a doubt, I am just one big nerd and geek. Just ask my wife, she will just laugh and grin when you as her those remarks.

I have mentioned some of my interests and hobbies, now I need to list my goals and dreams for the blog.

My Dreams for the Blog

I am looking forward to reviewing books, new movies at the theatre and DVDs or Blu-Rays when they have been released. I like to talk about the latest gadgets which are being widely talked about. A chance to review products gifted by PR Companies. I want to stay close what I am all about and that is, Geekiness and gadgets and the odd bit of Sci-Fi thrown into the mix just for the fun of it.

Just to show another nerdy part of me, ‘I am Darth Vader from the Planet Vulcan’, can you name the movie which line is attributed to? Give up, Back to the Future and OH yes, I grew up with those movies too.

If you are a PR Company, I am willing to test and review geeky clothing too as well as gadgets. We all have to get dressed up sometimes.

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