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Recently I was given the opportunity to review two items from Beets Blu. A ‘Pager Tag’ which can be used to track your keys, wallet or luggage through a Bluetooth tag. Beets Blu has three items which can all be synchronised via Bluetooth. Today I’m reviewing the Pager Tag and the Heart Rate Monitor items which could be very useful to have.

Beets Blu Pager Tag and Heart Rate Monitor - pagertag_Packaging

Beets Blu Pager Tag and Heart Rate Monitor

The Pager Tag

The idea of the PagerTag is to keep a track of your belongings. This can be anything from your house door keys, to your briefcase, luggage at the train station to anything really.

I was eager to see how this could work and as a person who loses their keys more often than most, I thought this would be ideal. I tried this with my camera equipment and with some other items and I feel that putting the tag on my car keys was the ideal place for the Pager tag.

I was happy to see that Beets Blu had an IOS app to allow me to synchronise with the device. There are some cool features and some features which became a little annoying. Overall I can see the need to have more than one of these items if you go out regularly and need to keep track of things. I.e Like a travelling salesman on public transport or a photographer on route to assignment with all of your photography gear.

The Cons

The only downside to the PagerTag is the fact the battery life is very short if you keep them all the time, which kind of defeats the object of having them. Also, having Bluetooth always switched on your phone, will also drain your phone’s battery life. The good news is you can turn blue tooth off (from your phone) when not needing to use it.

The Pros

I think the Beets Blu Key Finder is a great way to keep track of our belongings/Keys/Luggage via our smartphones. Having a few of these tags will help if you go a long journey or simply need to find your car keys when you cant remember where you put them in the home.

Heart Rate Monitor

My wife recently had a life changing operation, I decided I would help my wife in any way I could help. This included changing my routine to a new healthier lifestyle as well as changing my diet.. The Beets Blu – Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor is a cheap and a cost effective item which doesn’t break the bank without the need for buying fancy gym equipment. 

I am not a good runner nor do I have the stamina for a long run. Even as a child, I would only do sprints, so long distance running is not my thing. This has not stopped me from going back out on my mountain Bike. In fact, up until 3 years ago, I used to cycle everywhere. The heart rate monitor is a very good idea for keeping track of my heart rate while riding my bike.

The Heart rate monitor has to be touching your skin and does take a bit of getting used to it. I am still in my early days of my new healthy lifestyle, though I can see how monitoring my fitness levels and my heart rate will help me make the right decisions in fine tuning my fitness as I progress.

So far I am unaware of the Beets Blu Heart Rate Monitor (HRM) being able to store data from exercise routines. That being said the device is able to synchronise with my iPhone very easily and I am able to pick up the data on Apples own health app. You can see how your heart is doing or how you doing in relation to achieving your fitness goals.

The Cons

The downside to this device: Not being able to store information is not a major thing for me, but if I was a fitness fanatic, I could see that being an issue. There is an IOS app and the app does not give any further information other than your heart rate. However the HRM is compatible with Strava Cycling and Running App.

The Pros

On the Plus side, the HRM is compatible with a few other apps and the details of those apps can be found on Beets Blu website. I find the HRM very easy to use and as long as I have my Bluetooth switched on via the phone, the HRM connects straight away. This makes it very easy to use and you can set off on your bicycle or head out for a good run within seconds of connecting to your phone.

The Beets Blu Heart Rate Monitor is good value for money for starting or continuing a valuable routine. You can red more reviews on Amazon.

John M

Disclosure: I was gifted these items in return for this review.


  1. The heart monitor is a good idea, I have recently been seeing a cardiologist for heart problems and am supposed to keep track of any tachycardia episodes which is hard when I’m busy and having to judge the rate of my pulse. I imagine this would be good for those who exercise too, looks like an interesting gadget!

  2. My partner could really use the pager tag – he’s always losing everything! Heart rate monitors can be really useful for helping you to target your activity at the right level. They both sound like useful gadgets.

  3. I really like that you mentioned all the pros and cons in your review. My phone’s battery is not great, so I would need to turn off my bluetooth.

  4. I have been using the Beets Blu heart rate monitor for about a year now and I love it. Eventually you don’t even notice you’re wearing it (until you lose enough weight that it starts to slide down while you’re working out!) and it’s so simple to sync with RunKeeper or any other compatible app. A great way to track calories burned – I wouldn’t be without mine!

    • It is going to take some time to get used to the HRM, but think when the weather really picks up. I will be using it on my bicycle a lot. I do need to look for some other decent apps like the one you mentioned.

      John M.

  5. The pager tag sounds perfect for me, I’m always losing things! I’m not sure about the heart rate monitor, I like a one that records more than just bpm

    • With the HRM, it does depend on what you are looking for if you need one to record stats, if not, then Beets Blu one is sufficient. With the PagerTag/Keyfinder, having to turn my phone’s Bluetooth on 24/7 would be killer buzz for me, but I think if you use it moderately you can still keep good battery life on you phone.

      John M.

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