Captain America Civil War Review


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Captain America Civil War Review

Potential Movie Spoilers. On April the 29th, I went to see the UK release of ‘Captain America: Civil War‘ so I could review the movie for the blog. Yes, I have wanted to see this movie for some time, but like all movies which have a hint of geekiness and nerdiness. I have to share this review without trying to spoil too much of the movie.

Captain America Civil War Review - Civil_War_Final_Poster

Before the movie even started I was rooting for Team Ironman. A lot of people have been trying to compare this movie to the comics and I knew this would never be achieved.

Robert Downey Jr’s salary alone was almost too much for the studio executives. Needless to say, you couldn’t really have the civil war without Tony Stark. For the sakes of this storyline, Tony Stark becomes central to the backstory. You will have to watch the movie as to why Tony Stark is so important in this theatrical version of the Civil War.

When we leave Captain America at the end of ‘The Winter Soldier’, Steve Rogers is going after his old friend Bucky Barnes aka, ‘The Winter Soldier’.

When the Winter Soldier pops up on the wanted list and framed for something he did not do, Steve goes after Bucky and gets arrested in the process.

The ‘Sokovia Accord’ is draughted in the wake of the Avengers: Age of Ultron and Sokovia being destroyed as a result. The heat between Tony and Steve Rogers is beginning to boil over, and it just too much for Steve Rogers to handle. Steve Rogers, despite the best intentions of everyone who signs the  Sokovia Accord and ratified by the UN, Steve Rogers still refuses to sign the Accord.

Captain America Civil War Trailers

There’s so much in this movie which I could I so easily to spill the beans on, but having learned from my previous superhero review, I am not going to totally spoil the show.

All the pre-reviews of the official trailers suggest there is more than one winter soldier or more than one Bucky Barnes. You couldn’t put it past Hydra to cause a problem or two, but cloning Bucky is not one of them. Is there more than one Winter Soldier? Again, you will have to watch the movie. An interesting twist to the plot?

When it comes to destroying an organisation from without, it is so much harder, but how about from within Shield or the Avengers. It can be so much easier if you can manipulate all of the Avengers to fight against each other.

Captain America Civil Trailer 1

There is a scene where Bucky (aka the Winter Solider) is being chased by the Black Panther, The Captain and German Police. The Black Panther is one heck of a fast runner. As the Black Panther is from Wakanda, it is not hard to tell what his suit is made from. The suit must also accelerate the wearer by over 200% by the looks of things. The Panther has one huge axe to grind against Bucky.

Captain America Civil Trailer 2

As the story progresses, Steve Rogers is trying his best to build support, so he can find the one person who infiltrated the Avengers and caused the Bucky to go off the rails.

It doesn’t take long for Tony Stark to find out what is going on. The fight at the Airport is one huge fight and yes, it gets messy.

Watch out for an usual twist of fate for one of the Avengers who suddenly switches sides near the end of the battle. Antman’s arrival makes the whole fight totally interesting.

As for Spiderman’s appearance, there are some really good fight scenes and Spiderman is way more than stronger than the Captain and really gets on The Captain’s and Bucky’s nerves.

Captain America Civil Trailer 3

The fight is over, but not all is done, ‘The Black Panther’ sets out to stealthily capture Bucky and catches up with Tony, Bucky and Steve in the remotest part of Russia, where the final fight scene takes place.

When the Panther arrives, he realises he was wrong for trying to blame Bucky for all his pain and suffering. The Panther knows he has to make amends and he does so.

While Tony, Steve and Bucky are inside of what remains of an old Russian missile silo, Tony finds out about a terrible secret which only Bucky can shed light on.

Steve Rogers admits he knows the same secret and this the catalyst for the fight to end all fights. By the end, you start to question if the Captain was right all along, or was Tony right. You will have to watch it for yourself.


Captain America:- Civil War is worth watching, there are quite a few funny scenes and a lot of other scenes which make you question your loyalties towards Team Captain or Team Ironman.

There’s a lot of surprises which you really need to see for yourself, but by the end. The movie is fully worth your time and money. I can’t wait to see the Blu-ray and deleted scenes.

This movie is a MUST See. Just ignore the other film critics and see it for yourself. You will not be left disappointed.

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John M

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  1. I’m not a fan of this type of film personally, but OH likes them & he usually goes to see them when they’re released. He saw this one last week too & said it was good.

  2. I know a lot of my friends are dying to see this movie – I’ve always been a bit more into sci-fi/fantasy than the graphic novels/superheroes, which combined with hardly making it to the cinema since my daughter was born, means I have’t seen any of the other movies for backstory. Glad you enjoyed it though.

  3. I seriously want to watch this movie. I’m a big fan of Robert Downey Jr and really enjoyed him in the Iron Man movies, so I think I’d like this one too.

  4. I love Robert Downey Junior aka my fave superhero Iron Man and Chris Evans is fantastic as Captain America. He is one of my least favourite superheros but the actor plays him well.

  5. I enjoyed this film but it was sooo long. The first half especially dragged. They could’ve cut those fight scenes right down, and I say that as someone who loves a good fight scene. It really perked up when Spiderman appeared.

    • THere are parts of the movie where I thought, I need more action sequences.
      I thought the Spiderman peices were funny and he really kicked some butt.
      Overall, I really enjoyed this movie.

      John M

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