Creating A Corporate Logo with DesignEvo

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Creating A Corporate Logo with DesignEvo

Ever wanted to create your own logo and felt over whelmed by using expensive design applications. Well there are simple solutions available on the internet and one website comes to mind. Creating A Corporate Logo with DesignEvo is user friendly way creating the ideal logo in minutes, rather than spending thousands on expensive design agency consultation fees, design sign offs. Trying to find the right colours and then choosing and purchasing font licences. All that is done for you through this simple online app.

Logo-Selection | Creating A Corporate Logo with DesignEvo

Creating Your Logo

Creating A Corporate Logo with DesignEvo

Once you have created an account using facebook or Google. You can select from any one of 4000 logos pre-made by DesignEvo. If you wish to enter your company name, just enter in the dialog or you can totally skip this process and enter your own name and slogan. You can then change the any part of the logo once the logo has loaded up on the screen. All of this down from within your web browser. You can save and come back and any time.

Change The Font Type

Creating A Corporate Logo with DesignEvo

If you wish to change the font, DesignEvo has lot of fonts to choose from. Try to keep your fonts basic and not too extravagant. They need to be print friendly, especially if you want to create official letterhead paper for invoices and correspondents. Bold fonts are good, but also try to keep your font serif type fonts too. When it comes to using fonts on websites, not all fonts are website friendly, so this is something to keep in mind.

Colour Schemes

Creating A Corporate Logo with DesignEvo

Changing colours is very straight forward. You do not have to use the colours given to you by the pre-chosen logo. To do so, select the colour pallet at the top left of the screen. Keep your colours simple. Try not to use gradients (where two colours merge together), mainly because in printing or embossing on T-shirts. As tempting as it maybe, gradient colours cannot be reproduced in some print labelling or stitch embossing. I know because this happened to the company I was working for a few years ago. They had gradient as part of their new company logo and colour scheme, however, it was not working when creating product labels on dark backgrounds. So I had to go in and change the gradient to single colours to the company logo which was designed by another agency. Going back to the Design Agency to make changes cost the company £200 per request, no matter how big or small the alteration were.

Creating A Corporate Logo with DesignEvo

You can use one of the colours on offer or you select any other from a colour picker just by clicking plus button. This will bring up a colour picker/HEX dialog and you can enter your own brand colours if you so wish.

Make Alterations

Adding additional decorations to the logo is done by the side panel. There are few options available and you can change the colours later, once you put in the position you feel more comfortable. If you that the a decoration doesn’t feel right, just select it with your mouse and high DEL/Backspace on the keyboard and it deletes it from your canvas.

Alignment Alterations

Alignment or lining up the logo. From the Initial logo choice screen, you can move your main symbol and text around as you wish. Aligning everything up is made easy by the fact, that the app give you some alignment guides, so you can centre your logo. The only issues I found with this option, was if you had many layers with your logo and want to move them all at once. You do this by clicking each layer with the mouse and pressing CMD (for mac) or CTRL (for PC) on your keyboard. You can then move the logo. However, unlike other vector programmes, there is NO really way to group them all together. Which means if I move in the inner part of the shield in this logo, the outer layer will stay behind. This can be a little frustrating at first.

Previews: If you feel you are happy with the end result, you can preview your logo, to see what it looks like on white or black business card. A letter to note book, or on your website to the office wall or being printed in a t-shirt. This allows you see what your end logo will look before you purchase. Even if you do purchase, you can always go back and make minor edits then re-download at anytime.

Pricing and Files

There are three pricing options where you gain more advantages from just creating a Logo and not being able to download the fonts. With the Plus Plan, you have the option of a High Res version of your logo, a PNG (Vector graphic) and a jpeg for your website. Along with any fonts you use in your logo. With the Plus plan, you also have the license to fully trademark your logo should the need arise.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Design Evo is a great online app which allows you to make simple great logo designs for your company/organisation, without the need for going to graphic designers and paying huge agency fees. Having the fonts for your logo and colours for company close to hand will help you in the design process. Try not to over complicate your design by adding to many banners or symbols.

Always remember “Less is better” and use colours and NOT gradients, I know I already mentioned that, it will save you a lot work in the long term. Especially if you want to get your design stitch embossed/printed on a T-Shirt or printed on stationary. If you like the fonts in the app, you get them as part of the package IF you go for the PLUS Package. You will also get PDF and SVG files which printers usually require for the printing process. DesignEvo is simple and great web application and is very straight forward to use.

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