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This Thursday, my daughter, myself and my brother-in-law who has a chromosome deletion and is special needs, all went to see Zootroplis at the Vue Cinema, Bolton, Middlebrook. Because my brother-in-law is special needs and there as his carer for the day, all I had to do was pay for my brother-in-law and I got in free. I thought that was a good compromise.

Disneys Zootopia aka Zootroplis - Zootopia Move Poster

Zootopia (or aka Zootroplis for the UK Cinema’s) has an all-star cast in a great family animated adventure. Gennifer Goodwin (Once Upon a Time) who is the voice behind the main character, Judy Hopps. A female rabbit full of ambition and drive, who will not be stopped no matter what life throws at her. Judy Hopps and all of her animal kind, live on an island where all animals are walking and talking like humans beings. All the animal kind live in harmony and lost their wild ferocious side as they evolved through time.

Disneys Zootopia aka Zootroplis

This a great and funny family animated movie for all ages and for good reason. The Storyline is easy to follow that even parents and children can follow along with. The story starts with a young rabbit called Judy Hopps and she is such an optimist and doesn’t let anything drag her down.  Even as a child, Judy takes on more than she can handle, and although she is hurt, Judy achieves her end goal by getting back a set of tickets which were stolen from a group of kids who were being bullied.

Fast-forward a few years and Judy Hopps’ ambition is to be a Police Officer when she grows up and she manages to achieve her goal, where there have not been any Rabbit Police Officers before. Her first day on the job and Hopps is assigned to traffic duty by Cheif Bogo (Idris Elba). Hopps is given the task of handing out 100 parking tickets. Judy Hopps is not happy with her first assignment as a Police Officer, however, Hopps wants to set herself a personal record of handing out over 200 parking tickets with funny results. Hopps second day on the job, she runs after a thief who has stolen what appear to be moldy plant bulbs. They are not what they appear to be, yet this starts up the story of how Hopps has to trace 14 missing mammals and the villain who is not who you thought it would be.

There are some great and some funny references to other Disney movies, like the Duke Weaselton (who an actual Weasel in this movie) which pays reference to the Duke of Wesselton from Frozen. I think the adults will see some of these references more than the children but there still more funny ones in the film for the children to enjoy.

Judy teams with a Fox named Nick Wilde, who is not a Policer for a swindler and a cheat, but he does know how to find things and people. He knows the underworld and that leads to a Mouse Godfather character. I was totally surprised that Mr. Big, was not so big at all.

Before she knows it, Judy and Nick are hot on the trail of the 14 lost mammal predator cases and one Otter, and uncover a conspiracy which may include Mayor Lionheart or does it. Judy and Nick will more than her lucky rabbit’s foot to get find out who is the real culprit and the real endgame is.

Shakira, the Colombian Latin singer makes a guest appearance as Gazelle and she does all of the backing music for the entire movie.


This is one great family movie and the morals of this movie are, ‘No matter who you are, you can go on to do whatever you want. Don’t let people get you down, pick yourself up and find a way to achieve your desired goals.’ For me, this is one great part which children can do if they are given a chance in life to prove themselves. Encouragement and praise will help them through life.

There are many references to other Disney movies and stories which some children may pick up on, but if you are a parent who has seen many of the recent Disney animated movies, you will love this one. From the makers of Frozen and the Big Hero 6, this is one movie you can not afford to miss. I will not be surprised if this movie wins quite a few awards by this time next year, maybe an Oscar or two. I for one will be getting this one for my daughter when it’s released on Blu-Ray.

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  1. I was so pleased when I saw Zootopia was the topic of this blog post. I have not seen it yet but really want to, even more so after reading your review!

  2. This came out way earlier back home in Malaysia under the title Zootopia! My niece and nephew went to see it and absolutely loved it!! It’s their new Frozen now!

    Oliver •

  3. I went to see this with my 5 year old daughter and I thought it was brilliant! She loved it too and now keeps saying she wants to be a police officer when she grows up – makes a change from usually wanting to be a princess, inspired by other Disney films! #triedtested

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