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Recently I was given the opportunity to review a new iPhone case from Dome8.  The Dome8 cases are a practical way of securing your headphones without getting the wires into a tangled mess. from putting phone and your headphones in your jacket pocket or on the bedside cabinet at the end of each day.dome8 phone blue The Dome8 case is fantastic because you do not have to rummage through your draws looking for you headphones, only to find them all tangled and knotted.

Dome8 iPhone Case Review - DSC_1291

Fig 1.1

On the back of the packaging, there is a diagram which explains how to secure your iPhone headphones.  These instructions are very simple and easy to follow. The Dome8 case ensure your headphones are kept tangle free and in place.

N.B. The Dome8 cases we were sent, are designed to fit the default headphones which came with your iPhone 5 or 6. 

Dome8 iPhone Case Review

The Dome8 case is very simple and easy to use. The case worked with the headphones which were packaged with my iPhone. The wire wraps around the rubber dome as shown in Fig 1.2 & 1.3 below. The dome can be a little tricky at first to lift, but once this has been achieved. The Dome will stay in the up position until the headphones are secured.

Fig 1.2 & 1.3

Once the headphones are secured, press lightly on the dome and they will hold headphones neatly in place, tangle free and ready to use for the bus journey to and from work,  college or university.

Dome8 iPhone Case Review - DSC_1300

Fig 1.4

The Dome8 cases are ideal for those who love to listen to music on their way to work, listening to music while on a lunch break, or simply commuting between destinations.

The Dome8 Cases also have a branding option. If you own a business or brand and want to get your hands on some killer custom merchandise. Imagine your staff having this lying conspicuously face down on the table at client meetings.

Practicality: The dome8 phone case comes with built-in headphone storage allowing you to store your headphones in the most practical and snag-free way yet. The headphones are concealed under the flexible dome, eliminating the possibility of losing, damaging or tangling your headphones.

Protection:The dome8 range offers extreme durability. The raised front bezel reduces the likelihood of scraping, scratching, or even cracking your screen should you accidentally drop it face down. The integrated impact protection are also designed to absorb and distribute pressure across the case, decreasing the likeliness of permanent damage. Source:

The Dome8 cases hold your phone securely in place and although the case is a little on the bulky side, I am totally happy with how they protect my phone and my headphones all in one place. The problem would be is if you lose your phone, you lose your headphones too.

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Disclaimer: The Dome8 case were gifted in return for an honest review.


    • Totally understand where you are coming from and designed the case with pockets in mind! We have tried to get the dome as low as possible. The “no snaggable edges” philosophy helps the phone case slip in and out of pockets. Granted it is more bulky but the raised dome actually makes the the phone very comfortable to hold. Good Luck!

      Alex @dome8cases

  1. Looks like an interesting idea, but I don’t think I could squeeze it into my pockets (I need to buy bigger jeans I think). I might consider one of these for my daughter though, she tends to break her headphones on a regular basis.

  2. These cases do sound very handy. I’d definitely appreciate the headphone holder. My headphones always get tangled in my purse.

  3. After reading your review I’m convinced to get myself a case. I’m always losing my headphones somewhere when travelling and can’t tell you the amount i’ve been through over the last few years

  4. What a great case for those who listen to music on their phones! I’ve got a Quad Lock phone case so I can attach mine to my bike, and I love it, but if I was a music person I’d totally invest in the dome8.

  5. What a fabulous review! I am always tangling up my earphones, so this would be ideal! Going to enter your giveaway, so I am keeping my fingers crossed! Thank you

  6. What an amazing idea!!!!
    I’m always having to untangle my headphones before I use them because they get wrapped up

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