Exciting News I have been Published on The Mighty

I have been Published on The Mighty

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I never thought I would have a story to tell, that was until I decided to write about my illness. I was born without a Thyroid Gland. A Thyroid gland is vital in the way your body breaks down and metabolises your food. If you have an under-active thyroid, you can gain too much weight; if your body cannot adequately break down your food on its own or without medication. For many years, I was a steady 12 1/2 stone ( 175lbs | 79.3kgs), but for some reason, when I reached the age of  32 my weight began to increase and I wasn’t unsure why. I was also having other issues like chronic fatigue and always sleeping more than I should.

I had been having issues with other thyroid symptoms, so as a result I had been requesting to be referred back to  an endocrinologist again through my GP.  I was being turned down at every request.

Exciting News I have been Published on The Mighty


The Mighty
The Mighty

Writing for the Mighty, was my way of venting frustration while highlighting what I have gone through with my illness; so others who have suffered from thyroid-related illnesses wouldn’t have to suffer in silence. Hypothyroidism has a lot of symptoms if left untreated, it can also lead to other serious illnesses, like a series of strokes and or death in extreme cases. I wanted to share some of the problems I have experienced with certain GP’s. Don’t get me wrong, there are some really hard working GP’s out there, just sometimes there are GP’s who think they know everything and are reluctant to pass on cases for second opinions. Because of my frustrations, I decided enough was enough and wrote an article for ‘The Mighty‘. Today they finally published the article and it has proved to be the best day I have had for a long time. Now I need a break with my health care treatment and get to see the right specialist. Fingers crossed.


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