Five Interesting Things To Do As You Visit London

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Five Interesting Things To Do As You Visit London

If you have ever visited London, the capital city of England. You may notice there is more to this great city than just the Houses of Parliament, the home to our national government. London and the surrounding area’s have so much to offer. Museums, pubs and bars, hotels and various restaurants. Royal Palaces and homes to members of the Royal family at Buckingham Palace and Kensington Palace. Royal Parks with Hyde Park, Palace Gardens and Regents Park. The list can go on and on. Here is list of my ‘Five Interesting Things To Do As You Visit London‘.

1. The London Eye

| Fantastic Photographic Trip Around London

The London Eye. Tickets start from £23 and normal opening hours are from 11am until 6.30pm, with extended opening hours from 10am until 8.30pm. The views from the London Eye can be very spectacular with the following locations visible from the top of the London Eye. The River Thames. See Big Ben towering above the Houses of Parliament, follow St. James Park as it sweeps down to Buckingham Palace.

Is the Queen at home? You’ll spot the flag flying if she is. A Standard Ticket Experience on the London Eye lasts for approximately 30 minutes, the time it takes for the London Eye to revolve completely.

2. Go to the Theatre

| Fantastic Photographic Trip Around London

Very close to Covent Garden, on the corner of Shaftesbury Avenue and Charring Cross Road. The London Palace Theatre is located and the now highly popular the ‘Harry Potter and the Cursed Child’ stage show. Set few after where the Deathly Harrows movie leaves us and the struggles of Harry’s second son, Albus Severus Potter. This play has have been at the Palace Theatre since 2016 and has already gained many great reviews. A show for the whole family to enjoy and for those who enjoy the whole Harry Potter universe.

If Harry Potter is not for you. Then you may consider the Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre in Bankside (south side of the River Thames, very close the Millennial Bridge), where you could marvel at some of the world’s best theatre actors; who have been performing in some of the world’s best known Shakespearian plays for incredibly cheap prices. Standing tickets can be bought for just five pounds. To learn more about the playwright, go on the Shakespeare Globe Exhibition Tour.

3. Tower of London or Tower Bridge Tours

| Fantastic Photographic Trip Around London

The Tower of London. Home to the Royal Crown jewels and which has dark history. If you ever committed a crime against the Kings and Queens of old. Then off to the Tower you went. If you were ever sent there, you never came out alive. Guy Fawkes was sent here after his failed attempt to blow up Parliament in 1605.

The Tower of London has survived many wars and still stands today. Tickets start at £28 per adult (on the day) with family tickets and discounts on offer if you book online advance. As we approach the centenary since the ending of World War One, we could be having another big display like we had back in 2014, where red poppies were planted around the outer wall of the grounds.

| Fantastic Photographic Trip Around London

You can see Tower Bridge from The Tower of London. As with the Tower, there are tours which can taken every hour or so. These tours allow you to walk across the glass floor walk-ways which connect both the North and South side Towers of Tower Bridge. Tickets start from £9.80 on the day or £8.70 if you book online here. Opening times are: Summer times – April – September 10:00 – 17:30 (last admission) | Winter Opening Times: October – March 09:30 – 17:00 (last admission).

4. Go To A Museum

| Fantastic Photographic Trip Around London

There are so many museums around London but there is one museum which is free to enter and have SO MANY family friends events and exhibits. During School Holidays, the Natural History Museum on Cromwell Road, Kengiston; will be rather busy with family’s and young children. Entry is free and the opening hours are 10am until 5.50pm.

5. Sight Seeing Tours

| Fantastic Photographic Trip Around London

There are many sight seeing tours on offer and prices depend on the day and group sizes. You can browse here for all the available tours.

Dr Who:- There are tours for Dr Who walk tours, on places around London where the famous Time Travelling Time Lord from Gallifrey. There are even tours of the London Underground. There are to suit all your needs.

Other Idea’s

Changing of the Guard, also known as Guard Mounting, takes place outside Buckingham Palace from 10.45am and lasts around 45 minutes, with the actual handover taking place at 11am. No entry Fee is required but you may need to get to Buckingham Palace early to you can get a good vantage point.

Visit the Markets – Borough Market. Borough Market is a very close walk from London Bridge Rail/Underground Station. A great deal of cultural variety with a range of fresh and organic produce including fruit, veg, meat and cheese, as well as condiments, baked treats and delicious street food.

Palace Tours – There are certain times of the year when the Queen and other members of the Royal Family are not in residence. As a result, Buckingham Palace and Kensington Palace are opened to the public. Some of the ticket prices can be rather pricy, but for the experience of actually visit a Royal Palace, personally I can say it was well worth the visit to Buckingham Palace in Summer 2016.

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John M

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  1. I live in London and one of my absolute favourite things to do is be a tourist in my own city! There’s always something new and exciting going on in the city! This is an awesome post!

    • Thank you. I don’t get to go to London often, so I thought about what would I really want to do if I was a flying visit or going as a tourist. I am really happy you enjoyed this post.

      John M

  2. Having grown up in Kent on the edge of the Greenbelt with lots of trains into London I have done all these things and throughly enjoyed. The range of shows is amazing and you can get good tickets if hunt around. There are so many museums on offer – ones to suit all interests. Great post.

  3. One of my bucket list things to do once in my life is to watch The Lion King in theatre in London! I already know its going to be a once in a lifetime experience and I hope its something I can cross off my list soon!

    Nazrin Miah

    • We saw the Lion King when it come to Manchester. I would love to see in London too. Thank you for your kind comments

      John M

  4. I used to live in London for a few years and I didn’t do barely any of these things. I really want to go back and be a tourist for the weekend! I really want to go to the Tower Of London and the theatre the most. x

    • I am still to visit the Tower of London, but I missed out when I was last there. I hope to head back soon, to do some of items on my list.

      John M

  5. I’ve been to London a few times and happy to report I have completed most of your ideas! My favourite museum has to be the victoria and albert museum. So fascinating and lovely gift shop too. I’m a massive fan of London and can’t wait to go back.

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