Five Rules Of A Photoshoot

Five Rules of a Photoshoot

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Five Rules Of A Photoshoot

Trying to compose the right group photograph at the end of season sports party is important. You want to be able to record the moment for the future, and choosing to do that with a photoshoot means that you have to really think about how to get the perfect group photograph.

Group pictures are often a challenge for photographers, because you have more than one subject to concentrate on and not everyone will be looking the right way at the right time. It can be stressful, and it’s why you need to – as a photographer – learn the rules of the perfect group photograph.

It may take some time to perfect, especially with sports shoots where all the subjects of the picture may have different ideas as to how to behave on set! However, while you’re gearing up to take the photo, it’s a good idea to reflect on the five rules below so that you can nail that perfect shot.

Five Rules of a Photoshoot

1. Get the right light

It’s the first priority for every photographer – the light is important. When you’re photographing groups, you need to have a balance so that one side isn’t bathed in bright light while the other side is dark.

It doesn’t matter whether you go to a light or dark photograph, the light has to be even so choose the right location for an even bounce.

2. The perfect flooring?

You may not get the weather to do an outdoor sport shoot, but you may be able to get the right studio with the perfect flooring for photoshoots that accommodate sports teams.

Grassy flooring, for example, can give you everything that you need for the right shoot that reflects the team you are shooting. Plus, it can create the right environment for the theme of the shoot.

3. Make triangles

If you are posing a group, you can be more visually appealing if you create triangles with their heads in the composition. Take it a step further if you like with the ear to mouth rule with your subjects.

It makes for a photo that looks fantastic. You can mix up the groups if you can by gender and it can look prettier to have a good mix.

4. Sit and stand and sit and stand

Some sports photographs involve some people sitting and some standing, and if you want to, move some chairs into the photograph and have some of the team sitting on those and the rest standing around.

You can even incorporate the coaches and team leaders into the shoot, too! The sit and stand aspect creates a nice photo that stands out and is impressive.

5. Smile – But be firm

You are the photographer, and in the chaos of a group photograph, you could easily become flustered. The best thing to do is remember to smile, even when you don’t particularly want to!

It’s a hard job, but someone has to immortalise the winning team of the season, and you get to be in the privileged position to do that.

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