Fun Simba Mattress Designs Everyone Loves

Simba-Mattress | Fun Simba Mattress Designs Everyone Loves

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Fun Simba Mattress Designs Everyone Loves

The Simba mattress is the ideal mattress if you like to sleep on a multi-layered mattress that combines in a very efficient manner spring and foam technologies. The 10,500 individually adjusting pocket springs in the second layer of the Simba mattress are behind the outstanding level of support and comfort that this mattress has to offer. The Simba mattress’s pocket technology is perfect for people suffering from chronic pain as it responds rapidly to your body shape.

Simba-Mattress | Fun Simba Mattress Designs Everyone Loves

A semi-firm mattress, Simba provides just enough bounce to cancel both the sinking-in or the sleeping-on-the-floor effects provided by either too soft or too firm mattresses.

hybrid mattresses

Simba is not the ideal mattress for you if you are not a fan of hybrid mattresses that bring together the spring and foam technologies. Simba offers the best of both worlds, but it is not for those who seek the comfort and support provided by either a spring bed or a foam bed.,/p>

A 25-cm high mattress, the Simba mattress is not suitable for high beds or for people who are having trouble getting up by themselves. Since it is a semi-firm mattress, it is not the right choice for those seeking an extra soft bed or for those looking for an extra firm sleeping surface. For more information about the Simba mattress and the multi-layered system, see full Simba review here!


Simba features a slick design by itself, which suits very well the taste of any geek. However, there are many fun ways to improve your Simba mattress’s design:

  • Customised bed covers can make any mattress design fun and unique. As a geek, you can personalise your bed sheets and bedspread to feature your favourite comedy character, your favourite funny scientist, your preferred funny quotes, your love for comedy, animals you find funny, your pet, or anything that triggers your sense of humour, etc.
  • A sleep tracking app that functions as mattress cover is also a great and fun addition to your Simba mattress and it can help analyse and improve your sleeping habits as well as your other habits, including how much you exercise or how much, when, and what you eat, which can influence your sleep. Also, there are sleep monitors that include a mattress pad/sensor and a bedside device that produces light and noise to induce sleep or wake you up.
  • A geek-friendly bed frame can also complement your Simba mattress and there are so many designs available out there that you can tailor to your taste, including your sense of humour. You can have a frame with stickers with funny quotes, cartoon characters, or gaming avatars. The sky is the limit to your imagination.
  • Simba, The Lion King, the Walt Disney Animation’s animated feature film first launched in 1994 is a great inspiration and you can personalise in a funny way everything that is related to your mattress to reflect your passion for this character: bed sheets, bedspreads, pillows, bed cover, bed frame, etc.

The Simba mattress comes with excellent edge-support making sure you stay in bed all through the night. Excellent edge support and minimum sinking are two features to be expected in foam and springs mattresses.

Another aspect that makes Simba a good choice is the minimum motion transfer, which makes it great for you and your partner, no matter how much tossing and turning your partner performs on his/her side of the bed. Simba comes with a breathable soft cover that ensures the perfect air flow through the entire layered system complementing the coolness provided by the first layer of foam and resulting in a thermoregulated sleeping surface with zero overheating effect.

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