Geeky Ways to Make Your Eve Bed Look Cooler

Luna Bed| Geeky Ways to Make Your Eve Bed Look Cooler

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Geeky Ways to Make Your Eve Bed Look Cooler

It may sound strange, but genuine geeks are not looking to hide who they are but feel proud of their genius-like aura. Geeks are practical people who treasure quality sleep and need quality sleep to recover from hours and hours of intellectual effort. The Eve mattress, or the Eve bed, however you want to call it, has recently been coined as the most comfortable memory foam mattress in the world, which makes it an appealing choice for many geeks.

Luna Bed| Geeky Ways to Make Your Eve Bed Look Cooler

The Eve mattress is made using a cutting-edge layering system and high-performance next-generation memory foam, which ensures a pleasantly cooler sleeping surface as well as the perfect amount of support. How do you we turn the yellow-sided mattress-in-a-box into a geeky-looking bed? Well, there are several solutions that I think will work just great to achieve the geeky look you are after.

1. Sleep Trackers that Attach to Your Eve Bed

Geeks love apps and apps, love geeks. Equipping your mattress with a sleep monitor that attaches to your mattress is one awesome way to make your Eve bed look cooler. Such an app usually consists of a mattress pad/sensor attached to your mattress under your sheets as well as the app itself on your smartphone.

These apps will help you keep a scientific eye on your sleeping habits and can wake you up when you are in a light sleep phase. Other sleep trackers include a bedside device that generates sound and light to help you to wake up in the morning and transition to sleep at night.

2. Geeky Looking Bed Sheet Set

Geeky linen sheets represent an excellent way to make your Eve mattress look cooler. You can choose sheets that feature your favourite movie character or sheets that depict your passion for physics, math, statistics, etc. The Eve mattress producers offer stonewashed pure linen sheets that deliver superior softness and comfort.

The sheets come in 9 different colours, and there is a blue and white colour combination that looks very geeky to me. The sheets are woven by expert makers and include one fitted sheet, one duvet cover, and two pillowcases. If you are interested in more details about the bedding solutions provided especially for the Eve mattress, check out this comprehensive Eve review.

3. Matching Geeky Bed Spread and Cushions

Another obvious way to make your Eve bed look geeky enough for your geeky needs is to choose a personalized bedspread, preferably one in a dark color with a geometric pattern or some print that reflects your geeky passions and hobbies.

A reversible bedspread is the most sensible choice and the Eve mattress producers provide a 100% cotton bedspread with light-eight filling that can be complemented with matching cushions to add some geeky panache to your Eve bed. The colors range looks pretty geeky to me!

4. Geek-Friendly Smart Mattress Cover/App

There is a combination of a mattress app and mattress cover that looks and feels downright geeky. It is a smart mattress cover that comes with a smartphone app. The cover gathers information about your sleep habits and cycles by analyzing your heart rate and breathing rate. What is super great about this cover is that is can alter the temperature of your bed: it can warm it up around normal bedtime and cool down throughout the night.

It is also useful if your partner has different preferences. This smart mattress cover, Luna, is a geeky way to turn your Eve mattress into a smart bed. It can communicate with other activity trackers and see how your other habits, i.e., eating or exercise habits, affect your sleep.

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