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When it comes to watches, I always love watches which feel comfortable and sit well upon my wrist. Globenfeld Jetmaster Mens Sports Watch is a watch which feels comfortable all day long. You can forget it’s there, but the size and weight would give that away. As part of my review, I asked a close friend to help me with modelling the watch for me. It is easier to take photographs of others wearing the watch than trying to take photographs of myself. Jordon was a willing model and I think you will agree, this watch looks awesome.

850_4460 | Globenfeld Jetmaster Mens Sports Watch

Black goes with any colour of clothing. I thought this watch really matched the colours of Jordon’s suit.

850_4462 | Globenfeld Jetmaster Mens Sports Watch

The only downside I have really found to this watch was the actual weight. At 141 grams, you can tell this watch is sat on your wrist all day. However, if you know it’s there and you are a clock watcher, always wondering when it is time to go home after work, you will be less inclined to lift your arm every minute to look at the time. Or, if the weight inspires you to get a healthier lifestyle, then you are going to feel 100% better about your life. The Globenfeld Jetmaster is water resistant to 30 metres. Meaning you take the watch to the swimming pool and feel comfortable that it is not going to break down, as soon as it hits the water.

For The Larger Man

840_4468 | Globenfeld Jetmaster Mens Sports Watch

The Globenfeld Jetmaster is marketed towards the larger built man, because of its weight and size. If you are body builder and you are looking for a different watch from your Fitbit, then this watch would suit those needs.

Rubber Sports Strap

850_4481 | Globenfeld Jetmaster Mens Sports Watch

The dual analog and digital display, allows you to look for the time, without having to squint or struggle to tell the time. While Jordon liked the duel analog and digital display, the size of the watch was not for him.


The size of the Globenfeld Jetmaster makes it easier to see the time in any given situation. Whether at work, during gym work out, at the swimming pool; the Globenfeld Jetmaster fits any situation and will always feel comfortable while participating in any type of sports.

850_4495 | Globenfeld Jetmaster Mens Sports Watch

The one thing I was really pleased with, was how the watch looked on my model. Jordon is a close friend and he agreed to do the modelling for the Globenfeld Jetmaster Watch. The colour of Jordon’s suite and the watch, really compliment each other.

The Watch On The Wrist

The Jetmaster Mens Sports Watch is very large and does weigh about 141 Grams. With the rubber strap, the watch is more comfortable than a metal strap, the rubber strap does make it feel more of a sports watch.

A sleek jet black dial with metal indices makes for easy viewing. The backlight illuminates the face easy reading at night or in dark situations. Not many sport watches have backlight illumination, so having this feature really helps.

850_5045 |

Out of all the watches I have had and review, the Globenfeld Jetmaster is a very comfortable and sleek design. I will be using this watch for years to come.

Final Remarks

I found this watch very comfortable and very easy to wear on my wrist each day. As with the other Goblenfeld watch I have review, I found the that analog and digital do not synchronise when setting the time. I did find that I had to correct the analog hands every two days. Priced at £49.99 Globenfeld Jetmaster Mens Sports Watch, this is an ideal dress watch for a sophisticated man.

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Globenfeld Jetmaster Mens Sports Watch

*Disclosure: I was sent this item in exchange for a review. All Photographs are my own. Jordon agreed to model the watch for me in return for the photographs.