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I have started to gain quite a few watches and this one is another addition to that collection. This new Glob watch was something I was eager to review. Globenfeld offers a lot of watches for both men and women, however, this watch was different from all the other watches I have previously owned. This is my review of the ‘Globenfeld Super Sports Limited Edition Watch‘.

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Globenfeld Super Sports Watch In the case

How Globenfeld Super Sports Watch Feels

The Globenfeld Super Sports Limited Edition Men’s Watch 2.0 is made for the larger man and you can tell with its weight. This particular watch is water-resistant up to 30 metres and has a classic minimalist simple design. It also comes with a display case and has a scratch-resistant glass with a 5 Year Warranty. 

Globenfeld Super Sports Watch Side View

One aspect for this watch I was not expecting was how much it weighs. At 230g it slightly on the heavy side. With the release of the Globenfeld Super Sports, it is the new-and-improved Super Sport Blue 2.0 features a simple-to-adjust metal band provides day-long comfort while retaining its aesthetic elegance.

Globenfeld Super Sports Watch View from the back case

The Globenfeld Super Sports Limited Edition Out of the Case

Each watch has the serial number printed on the battery case with a map of the world also each on to the casing.

Globenfeld Super Sports Watch Top View

The Globenfeld Super Sports watch does have a stopwatch, a backlight which lights up all the digital functions in poor light. There are an alarm and hourly chime which can be turned on or off per individual specifications.

Globenfeld Super Sports Watch on my wrist

I enjoy wearing a watch feel very comfortable, even with an all-metal strap. There would be nothing worse than having a heavy watch feel unconfident. I glad to say this watch beats those expectations. The only time I really take the watch off, is when at my computer and bedtime. It is a very stylish watch for those men who love stylish watches. At £59.99 this is an evenly priced watch for such a limited Edition, especially when it comes with a 5-year warranty.

My Thoughts on the Globenfeld Super Sports Watch

Pros and Cons to this watch are minor and will never stop me from ever wearing this watch. After having had this watch for just over a week now, I wanted to put the watch through its paces before I wrote the review. The only bad thing I can really say about the watch is the fact the mono dial does not synchronise with the digital aspect of the whole watch.

You have to manually set the mono-dial using the silver dial on the right-hand side of the watch. In every other sports watch I have had with duel digital and mono dials, they have both be synchronisable through the watches settings.

The Globenfeld Super Sports Mens 2.0 Watch is very comfortable to wear and I would feel more than willing to take this watch with me to the swimming baths. I don’t really have to worry too much about getting this watch wet while doing the dishes or other household duties.

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