Ideas for The Perfect Birthday Gift Guide

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Ideas for The Perfect Birthday Gift Guide

My daughters birth is fast approaching and she has already been out with her mom to buy new clothes. We decided we weren’t really have a birthday party this year. As with most children, they grow incredibly fast and clothes we got them for Christmas, have already been out grown. These are what I consider as my ‘Ideas for The Perfect Birthday Gift Guide’ for an older child.

Ever since I can remember, my daughter has asked us for a pair Heelys year on year. This year, we felt that she was more capable enough to have a pair. She does love pink and therefore I knew these would be the ideal colour. The are priced from £39.99 and you can choose from any number of colour combinations from

The Superhero Mad Scientists

850_9974 | Ideas for The Perfect Birthday Gift Guide

While the Avengers buzz in still in the air and the latest movie doing well at the Cinema and box office. Why not entertain the kids with The Electro Hero Kit (£24.99). This toy is a great way to stimulate your children’s minds towards science based activities, as well as the science behind our favourite movie superheroes. After all, both the Bruce Banner (aka the Hulk) and Tony Stark (aka Ironman) are well educated scientists in their chosen fields.

Selection of Hallmark Birthday Cards

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…As our daughter is turning 10 this year, why not choose from a wide selection of birthday cards from Hallmark Cards. Our daughter is going through a Belle and a Beauty and the Beast phase. Hallmark do have a wide selection and are relatively cheep too. Starting around £1.89. One of the cards you can see in the background, is the “Hallmark Disney Princess Portraits Card – Belle”

Slime Time

so-slime-diy-slime-factory-set | Ideas for The Perfect Birthday Gift Guide

This is something which i was not expecting, but my daughter does LOVE making Slime at home. So rather than making her own and making a mess in the kitchen, why not invest in the So Slime DIY Factory. Will save you money on home made ingredients and SHOULD in all theory keep the mess down to a minimum. Prices are around £17.99 to £19.99 depending on your UK store.

Baking Fun Time

 | Ideas for The Perfect Birthday Gift Guide

If your child loves to bake as much as mine does, then this will be the ideal gift. A personalised Jam Master Pink Apron (£14.99 may exclude postage and packaging). Then she can bake to her hearts content while trying hard to get all the contents on her clothes.

All these items would be a great way of making your child’s birthday, just that little bit extra special this year. Or if you are looking for birthday gift ideas for nephew or niece, then these could be the ideal gift after all.

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John M

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*We were gifted these items for inclusion in the gift guide


    • She is enjoying them at the moment and even wanted to wear them for her school sports week as normal trainers. That was not happening.

      John M

  1. I really like the Avengers Super hero kit. That is something my son would love! I bought him heeley’s because he really thought he would like them but he likes them better without the wheels lol.

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