Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat Review

Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

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On Tuesday the 29 of March, I had the chance to attend a really big theatre production, held at the Manchester Palace Theatre. ‘Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat‘. The music was arranged by Andrew Lloyd Webber while the lyrics were arranged by Tim Rice. I did not know what to expect but by the end of the show, I am glad my daughter and I got to go and see this fantastic show.

Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat Review - Outside the Theatre

Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat Review

The whole event was incredible for the opening night of the performance. The story was narrated by Lucy Kay, a brilliant soprano who introduces the audience to the characters of the show while being supported by a youth choir, who also did a fabulous job.

The X-factor 2008 winner, Joe McElderry, takes on the lead role for this show and he manages to pull one a very convincing performance. There have been many who have taken on this role and all of them have done amazing performances, with the likes of Donny Osmond and Jason Donovan, Joe McElderry has a tough act to follow.

The show begins with Act one, where Jacob gives his son Joseph, the coat of many colors. His brothers are none too impressed and seek cover up Joseph death. For the whole of the show, there are steps are used to give highs and lows to the story and is used to dazzling effect.

When Joseph is introduced to Potiphar and His wife (Tilly Ford). Potiphar’s wife becomes the Lady in Red and she performs a magnificent dance routine for the whole scene. I thought this scene carries the message of what she is trying to do to Joseph by trying to swoon Joseph and tries to get Joseph he feels is morally wrong. Although Joseph does nothing wrong, this lands Joseph in very deep trouble in eventually in prison. For the Final scene of Act One, Joe McElderry performs: ‘Go Go Go Joseph’. He manages to pull off an amazing song, to which the whole audience gave a standing aviation and were totally captivated by his performance.

Act 2

Act Two began with Pharaoh’s story and a giant mask of Pharaoh. Pharaoh says he has had a dream and story is continuously being narrated by Lucy Kay and the youth choir. When Pharaoh asks who can interpret his dream, the now freed butler remembers someone who can interpret Pharaohs dream. When Pharaoh he reveals himself, Pharaoh is portrayed by an Elvis impersonator. I thought this was an exceptional and smart idea. This part of the show is rather funny while the female dancers are love struck over Elvis/Pharoah. Elvis/Pharoah and performs the role of Judah (Emilianos Stamatakis), one of Jacobs sons. Emilianos Stamatakis performs many of Elvis’ old songs mixed in with the actual dream he gave to Joseph to interpret. Another part I love is when Joseph fails to hear the words of the dream the first around and he asks ‘The King/Elvis/Pharoah’ to repeat his words. Another funny part which I loved, is the scene where Joseph fails to hear the words of the dream, or song in this case and he asks ‘The King/Elvis/Pharoah’ to repeat his words. Again the whole dance routine was brilliantly choreographed and got the audience engaged. One of the female dancers screams while holding to Elvis’/Pharoah’s leg and the who cast jokingly look at her to say: “What are you doing you silly girl’; this made the whole audience laugh quite a bit.

Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

I really enjoyed watching this musical and of all the shows I have ever watched, ‘Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat’ has to be up there at the very top of all time best shows. I found myself clapping with the audience, who were joining in at many stages of the show.Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, is definitely a family friendly show and there were many children in the audience watching and it is something I would take my daughter to see it again and again.

Near to the end, where Jacob discovers his son is alive, the scene takes the audience to a French Parisian theme. I thought this was very cleverly done, where all the songs were done with a French accent and made the whole audience laugh.

The end of the show was unquestionably phenomenal, the whole audience stood up and gave a full standing ovation to the final song, which was  ‘The coat of many colors’. Just when you think you can’t be any more dazzled by the performance, Joe McElderry asks the audience if they want one my song, to which the whole theatre erupts with a loud cheer and a big YES. Joe McElderry redoes ‘The coat of many colors’, where the show concludes on a very big standing ovation and cheers from the audience. It was a fantastic night, a brilliant show and absolutely amazing to watch. I would highly recommend this show to any family looking for a great night out.

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John Milnes


    • It was a really great show and I would love to see this one again and again. it is a shame it is no longer in Manchester. I am sure it will be doing it’s national tour by now.

      I would recommend you go see it if you can.

      John M

  1. No offence to anyone but I feel sad seeing these talent show winners who were promised all the success in Pop music but then got reduced to doing musicals… However! It sounds like it’s a great show and there’s nothing wrong with choosing this path because Will Young did it with Cabaret and I thoroughly enjoyed it when I went to see.

    Oliver •

    • I would only disagree with you slightly as I think the X-factor gives the exposure to a wider audience. Joe McElderry did a very good job. Donny Osmond and Jason Donovon both did great jobs. Although their careers had already taken off, Joe McElderry does have some big shoes to fill by doing this performance.

      John M.

  2. I absolutely adore this play. This one sounds really, really fab. I wish it was coming down our way, I’d love to see it. I haven’t seen it since I was a child x

    • There would have been three of us, had my wife not been in the hospital at the time. Instead, my daughter and I went to see and we both really enjoyed it.

      This is one great show for the family. I highly recommend it.

      John M.

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