Meet Harry The Travelling Hedgehog

Meet Harry The Travelling Hedgehog

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Meet Harry The Travelling Hedgehog

A few months ago John and I were talking about his travel photography and thought it would be a great idea to have a travel companion who would feature in some of John’s photos. We thought about it for some time and came up with the idea of Harry The Travelling Hedgehog.

Harry is a special name to us. We have a nephew called Harry and recently lost a friend with the same name. H is the first letter of Hedgehog and we thought it would be good to use some alliteration, so Harry the Hedgehog was invented.

John shared his very first pictures on Harry the Hedgehog on his instagram feed a few weeks ago. They went down well and we decided to keep going with this idea. So here is the very first image of Harry The Hedgehog as featured on The Postcard Traveller.

Meet Harry The Travelling Hedgehog

In our first photo we have Harry visiting Astley Hall in Chorley. Astley Hall is a beautiful building in Chorley surrounded by lush grounds and it’s a favourite spot of ours for photo taking. John’s shot here is of Harry looking at Astley Hall.

Meet Harry The Travelling Hedgehog

Next we have Harry visiting the ducks. The weather has been cold and dismal as it usually is at this time of year but it did not stop John getting some lovely shots including this one of Harry at the lake.

Meet Harry The Travelling Hedgehog

Third we have harry amongst the fallen leaves. I just love the colour of leaves on the ground and I think this photo taken of Harry looking into the the woods is lovely. This was a big hit on our Instagram Feed and was taken in Yarrow Valley Park in Coppull, Lancashire.

So we are excited to feature Harry every now and again, amongst the landscapes of John’s travels. We hope you like the concept and enjoy the photos as and when they appear on Instagram and the blog.

John M

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    • Thank you. Thats why we are doing it.
      We were going to do a blog just on Harry, but on closer analysis, we decided to do a travel blog instead.

      John M.

    • We are constantly working on where we can take Harry, it just needs my keen eye for photography and the photos will do the rest.

      John M

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