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Philips GoSure ADR820 Review

Last year I was involved in a nasty exchange with another motorist, who, for what ever reason; singled me out while waiting for the traffic lights to change.

This exchange shook me as I never experienced anything like this before. I didn’t have a dash cam but it made want to purchase one. Later on, I purchased what I thought was a decent dash cam. Within a few short months and fulfilling its purpose, that dash cam gave up the ghost just a few weeks ago. I had been looking for a replacement, that was until we were offered a Philips GoSure ADR820 to Review.

Out-of-the-box |

There are so many features with this dash cam it hard to know where to begin. I think the major pluses with this dash cam compared to my previous version, is the fact that I can use numerous different memory card sizes. Starting with a 16GB Micro SD all the way up to 128gb Micro SD. The Philips GoSure ADR820 retail for £139.99 in the UK shops and online.

Philips-ADR820-Boxed |

There is one added benefit which previous dash cam didn’t have. The video quality during in the night is visibly better. With 1080p, you are capturing HD quality video, so even at night, you know your dash cam is doing its job, should you need to pull footage off the dash cam. Not many camera’s have this feature. So for the price tag, you know you purchasing a high quality dash  cam which works well, both day and night. The Philips ADR820 has a 140 degree Field of View (FOV), meaning, the ADR820 can capture up to 3 lanes of moving traffic, just like being on the Motorway.

Whats in The Box

When you open the box, you get the following items:

  1. One ADR820 Camera
  2. 1x Micro USB Cable
  3. 1x USB Cigarette charger
  4. 1xBracket Suction mount
  5. Quick Start Guide

The Micro SD Card is sold separately and you can choose which ever brand you wish. Higher the Micro SD capacity, more of the recording time you have before it records loops over old footage.

Smart Phone App

The ADR820 has built in WIFI which will allow you access the dash cam remotely, without the need for connecting to the computer or removing the Micro SD card. There are two versions of the app. One for both IOS and Android.

Smart-Phone-App |

Just like connecting your smart phone to your home wireless network, the ADR820 has its own WIFI network, but the ADR820 only allows one smart device to connect at a time. You will be able to browse footage on the dash cam, review or delete any old footage. You can also download files to your smart phone so you can upload to social media you need to. (HINT: Just be careful what and where you share it, as you will be sharing other driver registration numbers.) In the event that you need to share with Local Law Enforcement, you can send them movie file without the need of taking your card out of the device.

Two or More Camera’s

Sometimes there may need to be occasion where you may require a dash cam facing out of the rear face window. Should you be involved in a collision, you could then pass these videos on to your insurance company. If you don’t want your insurance company listening in on your private conversation, there is a function to turn off voice recording and just have the camera record. If for what ever reason, you need to record voice conversations, you can easily re-enable voice recordings so you can pass on to local Law Enforcement/insurance company’s.

Side-view |

At the top of the dash cam, there are two ways to connect up your dash cam. One is for the DC power source, the second is for a Mini-HDMI or a second dash camera. This is where you can connect up both camera’s, so they are in perfect synchronisation.

Final Remarks

I have been looking forward to receiving and review the Philips ADR820, as the ADR820 has more promising benefits than my previous dash cam ever did. I like the fact you can access the ADR820 via a smart phone app. It makes this dash more versatile and accessible. Also, the night recording is something which I have been looking for in a Dash Cam. I don’t have to rely on crusty night vision sensor which wasn’t doing job.

With the ADR820, it ticks all the right boxes and allows me to put a bigger micro SD card in, without having to worry about compatibility issues like some dash cams do. The Philips ADR820 has a wide angle lens and with 2.7 Inch LCD screen, means I don’t need to squint when trying to look at details on the dash cam.

As the ADR820 has a Hi Resolution 1080 camera, meaning I don’t have to worry while I am driving. Wondering if the dash cam as captured the necessary information should Law Enforcement require the data, or my insurance company should they require the footage in the event of a collision.

John Milnes

*Disclosure: We were sent this device in exchange for an honest review. All images used courtesy of

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