Star Wars Heir to the Jedi Review

Star Wars Book Review Heir to the Jedi
Star Wars Book Review Heir to the Jedi

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I was recently lucky enough to review a new book about the adventures of Luke Skywalker from the Star Wars saga.

Star Wars: Heir to the Jedi is the latest Star Wars novel under the new Star Canon series.

The book was sent as a gift, so I could read then write a constructive review of the book.

This was my first book review and I am looking forward to being able to do more book reviews in the coming weeks and months.

What drew me to this book, was the fact that Luke had not yet mastered his Jedi powers.

I was interested to see how Luke was coping without a suitable Jedi Master to train him.

The evil Empire had hunted down and killed the remaining remnants of the Jedi.

Star Wars Heir to the Jedi By Kevin Hearne

Star Wars: Heir to the Jedi by Kevin Hearne (Arrow Books & Lucsfilm 2015: ISBN 9780099594277)

Star Wars Book Review Heir to the Jedi
Star Wars Book Review Heir to the Jedi

Kevin Hearne, the author of the Iron Druid Chronicles, writes his first book of the Star Wars franchise.

His book, ‘Heir to the Jedi’ explores Luke Skywalker’s life in the aftermath of destroying the Empires dreaded ‘Death Star’.

The book covers the time period between Episode IV: A New Hope and Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back.

Star Wars: Heir to the Jedi Book Review

As Luke has not yet fully mastered his Jedi powers, Luke struggles to come to terms with the loss of Obi Wan-Kenobi (aka Ben Kenobi), his trusted friend and mentor.

Luke never had a chance to get to know Ben, before Ben met his demise at the hands of Darth Vader while aboard the Death Star.

Luke has to find his own path without a usual Jedi Master to guide and to train him in the ‘Ways of the Force’.

All Luke knows is, Luke thought he heard Ben’s voice, just before Luke managed to destroy the Death Star in the Battle Yavin.

This is explained by Luke himself mid-way through the book.

Luke Skywalkers Adventures

The opening sentence says it all as far as Luke is concerned: “There’s no one around to answer all questions now that Ben’s gone”.

Luke knows it is his destiny to one day become a Jedi, but who, when and where is he going to his training.

Luke has a connection to his Father through his Lightsaber but is where the connection ends.

Luke knows the Force is real even if Han doesn’t yet believe in it.

The story is narrated through Luke’s experiences and his exchanges with the books characters.

Luke does not have many exchanges between Han and Chewbacca as they are off on their own adventures.

That is after losing all the money they got through gambling, which was a reward for returning Princess Leia to the Rebellion on Yavin 4.

Luke’s Second Lightsaber

Luke manages to acquire a second Lightsaber to study how they are constructed.

It highlights that Luke is still new to the Force and his inability to fully control or master his new abilities.

Luke even tries the same Jedi mind trick as Ben did back on Tatooine, by waving his hand and bending his will upon others.

Luke fails miserably to the amusement of his sidekick in this current adventure known as Nakari.

A wealthy female pilot and well-trained sniper.

After completing his opening mission, a debrief with Admiral Ackbar and Princess Leia; Leia asks a question where C3PO gives a comical response.

Leia asks, “3PO….What’s more likely, reliable cash flow for the Alliance or Han behaving rationally?”.

3PO responds, “While both have very little chance of occurring, Princess, reliable cash flow is is far more likely.”

This is typical of some of the Whitt you can expect from Star Wars characters, it is very good to see some of this humour being used.

The story does hold little comical gems and exchanges which keep the reader engaged.  However, if you are wanting the same type of pace in the story for the first original movie, Episode IV: A New Hope, then you are in for a disappointment. The Story is slow but does have excitement spread throughout the Book.

Luke Skywalker’s Love Interest

Luke has clearly inherited his father’s piloting skills and his reflexes, mainly because this is how Luke is clearly defying all the odds with sheer luck and skill as a pilot.

Nakari promises Luke that when they have completed their mission, she will help Luke in finding someone who can teach Luke in being able to properly study the ‘Force’.

Heir to the Jedi tries to fill in some the missing holes left behind, where ‘A New Hope’ ends and ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ begins.

The Book could have done with a little more action sequences.

However, as Luke is narrating the adventures himself; it makes the book more interesting to read and thoroughly enjoyable.

I would give this book 4 out 5 Stars and a ‘Must have Read’ book for Star Wars fan.

Heir to the Jedi Honest Review

I enjoyed this book and the seeing things from Lukes eyes and experiences.

Luke’s female companion on his mission and adventures, Nakari is wealthy but she is not one those spoilt children.

Nakari is able to manipulate her father, or so she thinks.

Luke is terrible flirt and Nakari knows it.

Nakari meets a grisly end and Luke is able to feel and sense her death.

By this time, Luke has at least mastered some of this new powers, but he can’t fully control them.

The book is well written and gives a different perspective of Luke Skywalker, of his life and character and how they seem to differ from the person we see in the movies.

For Star Wars Fans, this book is a must read.

John M

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  1. Sounds like a really interesting book, I am not really into Star Wars but my son is always telling me about, He might enjoy this book, I will have to tell. Thanks for sharing.

    • I was a bit skeptical at first, but as I started reading it. I really enjoyed the book. It does give the reader more of an insight into Luke Skywalkers life, before we see him in ‘The Empire Stikes Back’.


  2. I’m a huge Star Wars fan, so your review is valuable to me 🙂 It’s really the ‘Must have Read’ Thank you for sharing! Can’t wait for the next episode 😉 May the force be with you 🙂

    • I am a huge fan too, so when this review dropped on my lap. I wasn’t exactly going to say no.

      I loved the last movie too and I can’t wait for Rogue One and the next episode.


  3. I have always enjoyed reading books set around films and tv series. When they are done well they offer new insights into favourite characters. It sounds as though this one does that exceptionally well

  4. That’s great! Star Wars has a lot more to offer than the movies. Their extensive collection of books is really worth reading.

  5. My husband has been a SW fan since the first one. Very into it. A cool bunch of books…this one sounds just as cool as the older ones.

    • The Older Canon are fun to read. This one came out in Nov ’15. I was gifted this one as a separate review. I decided that I would publish this review for my blog as I told them before I did it, that I had a blog and wanted to post it myself down the road.


  6. Sounds like a great read for anyone into Star Wars.I’ve never watched it and my boys are too young at the moment but I’m sure they’ll love it when they’e older

  7. This does sound like a great read, especially for Star Wars fans. I love the idea of getting a whole different perspective of things from Luke Skywalker’s character!

    • When I first started reading the book, I thought I was going to have issues with the narration. It turned out to be one heck of a story and I am glad I got to review it.


  8. My son is a star wars fan and may enjoy this book. Esp. since it has a young Jedi learning the arts and he definitely will wnat to know how it all ends! I will let him read the review and we take it from there thanks for sharing!

    • I have another book I am going to reviewing which he may like. As for this book, he will love it and love the way that Luke is kind of narrating the story.

      Thanks for commenting.


  9. I’m a Star Wars movie fan but i’ve never read any book about it.. It must be a really fun thing to do sounds like a great book

  10. I am one of the few people left on earth who don’t really know anything about Star Wars. Your review was very thorough and made the story come alive even for someone unfamiliar with the overall tale. I hope you enjoy the next book as much as the first.

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