Star Wars Merchandise Gift Guide

Star-Wars-Gift-Guide | Star Wars Merchandise Gift Guide

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Star Wars Merchandise Gift Guide

Our family is gearing up for the new Star Wars movie due out in the next few days. I have not managed to convert my wife to Sci-Fi just yet, but our daughter really loves to watch Star Wars with me. So as the lead up to the new movie, how about an amazing Star Wars Merchandise Gift Guide. I am sharing a list of great idea’s for his and her this Christmas clothing to get you both in the Star Wars Christmas spirit. You will need to act fast, as Christmas is just next week.

Astromech-emp | Star Wars Merchandise Gift Guide

Astromech Alliance T-Shirt – Done with a vintage BB8 20’s style. It gives the famous droid more of a retro look than the Sci-Fi look that Star Wars is known for. Whether you love the Dark Side or the Light, this is still a great t-shirt for the budding Star Wars Geek.

BobbaFett-emp | | Star Wars Merchandise Gift Guide

Boba Fett T-shirt – What more needs to be said about the infamous Boba Fett. We only got fleeting glimpses of him in Empire Strikes Back and then in Return of the Jedi. Only for Boba to be swallowed up in the Pit of Sarlacc. For the rebellious husband or wife, this would be a great Christmas Gift this year.

X-WIng-Fighter-emp | Star Wars Merchandise Gift Guide

X-Wing Fighter T-shirt – From the moment that the X-wing hit the big screens back in 1977. The X-wing has always been associated with Luke Skywalker and the lead fighter of the Rebel Alliance.

Darth-Vadar-emp | Star Wars Merchandise Gift Guide

Darth Vadar Pj’s – We cannot forget the ladies. Love him or hate him. Darth Vadar has always been the main baddy of the Star Wars Saga. For the woman in your life, getting these Pyjamas will allow her to express her inner Dark Side.

Final Remarks

I love Star Wars and I love Star Wars Merchandise. With the new movie heading to the big screen this Friday. This gift guide has something I think for everyone. Like I said earlier, you need to be quick. Christmas is just around the corner.

John M

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  1. My husband and son are massive Star Wars fans. (Whispers) I’ve never seen one! Now there are so many it seems pointless to ever catch up. On the radio the other day they tried to have people explain all episodes so far in 40 seconds. I listened but I’m still clueless.
    My son loves BB8 and would love the first top!

    • LOL I loved your comment. Trying to explain in 40 seconds is not possible and I would say you would be more clueless than ever. These gifts are ideal for hard core the Star Wars Fan.

      John M

  2. I’m a huge Star Wars fan so I want pretty much everything on your gift guide. Especially the PJs, they’re lovely!
    I haven’t seen the new film yet, hopefully I can get there over my time off at Christmas.

    • We all went to see the movie and we all loved it. It was awesome. These t-shirts and Pjs have come at the right moment. Just as the movie hit the theatres. I hope you get something you really want for Christmas.

      John M

    • I did come away with more questions than I had answers to. There were some really funny moments and I really loved it. So I promise to make no promises about spoilers.

      John M

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