Stationery Makeover for Your Desk

DSC_8488 | Stationery Makeover for Your Desk

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Stationery Makeover for Your Desk

As a photographer and blogger, seeking inspiration can sometimes be fraught with many difficulties. Having the occasional stage where you mind just goes blank for no apparent reason. I will be sat at my desk trying to plan out my next photography project or simply trying to figure our my next blog post. Planning can take a long time and having a decent writing pad and pen on your desk, not always easy to come by.

So when I was given an opportunity choose my own note book and Pen from Pen Heaven. I jumped at the chance of having stationary with my own name on them. Not only that. I chose colours which inspiration which would inspire mood, emotion productivity. This is one Stationery Makeover for your Desk which will help any creative blocks you have or currently experiencing.

DSC_8478 | Stationery Makeover for Your Desk

Pen Heaven believe certain colours can have effect on your mood and how you reach your potential. As part of Pen Heavens ‘Happiness happens Month’. Pen Heaven have put together a collection of colours which can have a huge impression on our working day.

DSC_8483 | Stationery Makeover for Your Desk

Why The Choose the Colour I did

I chose an orange Ravello Journal with a Jotter Pen in the matching colour. Orange is a great colour which is designed to encouraging creativity and happiness, this shade increases oxygen to the brain and stimulates mental activity. A photographer, I need all the help I can get. A provocative colour which will help stimulate my creative processes. Having my own name etched on the journal and pen, just adds to the level of personalisation which Pen Heaven offer.

According to an article found on the Huffington Post. Orange is a colour of stimulation and enthusiasm. Orange is a nice mix of red’s passion and yellow’s joy. Research has found that orange increases oxygen supply to the brain, produces an energising effect, and stimulates brain activity.

DSC_8487 | Stationery Makeover for Your Desk

The journal is bound with exquisite Italian leather. All Pen Heaven’s Journals and books are made from recycled paper. The journal is secured with a black elastic strap and helps the pen in place when not in use. For that extra personal touch, you can have the journal and pen etched with your own name. This comes with an extra cost, but I think it is well worth it.

DSC_8489 | Stationery Makeover for Your Desk

Having this note pad with personalised pen on my desk where I do the most of my blogging and photography editing. They will help with thought-provoking activities which will be of be of great assistance to me, when I am looking for new photography projects to explore and new blog titles to consider.

These type of journals or note pads are ideal for any office and would be an ideal gift for a friend, an enthusiastic family member who has a great talent or creative mind, this could also be a gift for a grateful boss.

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John M

*Disclosure: I was sent the Pen and journal in exchange for a review.

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    • I think looking back, I was nearly the same. I didn’t really like the colour, but now. I think I like in certain products. Even better when it has my name on it. 😉

      John M

  1. These is nothing like opening a new notebook and pens. I would love to have one with my name on it. I will have to check out Pen Heaven. It would make a great gift as well.

    • LOL. My wife is the exact same. I am always being asked to go and get a new note book from Tesco’s or when we see a stationary shop. We always duck in to have a look and see there is anything she can buy. /sigh…..

      John M.

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