Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas You Will Love


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Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas You Will Love

My wife and I recently celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary. I decided I put together a Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas You Will Love of his and hers items. This year, I bought my wife some flowers, chocolates and underwear. She loved her wedding anniversary gifts and surprised me with a huge box of M&Ms. Here are some more fantastic gift ideas for that special anniversary.

1. Yubikey 4 Security Keys

If you have ever had an email hacked or had your beloved social media hacked, it can be hugely frustrating trying to regain control. I had my Ebay account hacked not too long ago and I couldn’t believe how much they had gone to change my info, while trying to get my Credit Card Data. Just yesterday, a close friend of mine had her email account hacked. It happens and it when that happens, the chances of getting your email back is near impossibility.

There is another way of stopping people from hacking your email accounts, your social media and even your beloved PC/Mac. With Yubikey 4, they have USB-A (normal USB computer connector) and nano connectors, USB-C and USB-C nano connectors. Since receiving one for both my wife and I, we have been able to secure our emails, social media and computers. These devices are not infallible towards any hacking attempt, but they do make it harder for any would-be hacker. The price of £40 per device, however, think of trying to get your emails, social media accounts back if you have ever been unlucky enough to be hacked.

How much time and energy would it cost in trying to regain control, I am guess it would take a LONG time. Luckily for my eBay account, I was able to change my passwords and personal information quickly before the account was totally lost. I may not be so fortunate next time.

2. Flowers

Interflora are one of the most well known florists and known for wedding bouquets and flowers for special occasions.

Hopefully before you have married your sweet-heart you may have got to know her favourite flowers and ones she maybe allergic to, so why not plan ahead and purchase a ‘Happy Anniversary Rose Plant With Chocolates‘. Priced at £30. I would suggest that you do this at least once guys, or you could start a new tradition with your wife for each year. This is just a mild suggestion guys, learning from my experience.

3. Chocolates

If your wife/partner loves chocolates, then why not get her some Ferrero Rocher. I can always count on Ferrero Rocher to make my wife happy, as I have learned these are one of her favourites. Now, it is always best to learn which ones she likes, just don’t be too inquisitive about it though.

4. Geeky Jewellery

Now there is one thing my wife doesn’t like too much is my love of Sci-Fi and the extensive Sci-Fi movie collection I have. We must have seen the full Stars Wars Movies (I mean the original 6 movies) quite a few times since the full Blu-Ray collection become available. One of the best love lines in the entire saga is between Leia and Han Solo. “I love you” – “I know”.

Wedding and Anniversary Gift ideas

There are so many jewellery variations on the internet, that you can be spoilt for choice. Here is mine, with a double sided Gold Necklace – Star Wars Necklace I Love You/I Know 10K Yellow Gold from Kay Jewellers ( Usually $249.00

5. For the Photographer

If there is one thing I enjoy doing more than anything, that is doing photography. Whether I am photographing my daughter, photographing products for review or just out and about doing own thing. I have recently started doing wedding photography and there is one thing that you need a lot of, is your gear and being able to get all your camera gear to your location safely.

Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas You Will Love*image curtesy of

As I have also learned, you need a few lenses and separate speed-lite flashguns. As you purchase more lenses and gear over time, you need to be able to store it all in one bag or backpack. This is where the Tenba Solstice Backpack 24L or the Roadie HDSLR/Video Backpack — Black 22 inch (for two DSLR cameras) comes in. Tenba Solstice 24L Backpack can be purchased at Wex Photo Video at £174.

6. Favourite Restaurant

Last year while my wife was at a blogging convention, she went for dinner with a few of her friends to a restaurant called Wagamamas. When she came home, she was really excited at finding and learning of this restaurant, where it quickly became a favourite place for our family to eat out.

Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas You Will Love

Wagamamas are very family friendly and my wife I have eaten at some of their restaurants many times. They have a wide selection of meals, side dishes and vegan options. You will find their food is suitable for the whole family or, if you are thinking of just a romantic evening just for the both of you. Wagamamas food is very succulent and gorgeous, an experience not to be missed.

7. Movie or Romantic Evening

It may pay to do your home work a head of your anniversary. You could go to the movie theatre and watch a movie your wife may like or find a movie she may enjoy at home when the kids are in bed. You don’t have to go out, there is always Sky Digital, Netflix or even Amazon Prime. I am sure there will be a movie she may enjoy. A good romantic one may be needed. I will leave this one up to you guys to use your imagination.

Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas You Will Love

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John M

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*Some items were sent in exchange for inclusion in this gift guide


  1. Some great ideas here! Especially love the Star Wars necklace. We’ll be celebrating out 10th anniversary next year, so I’ll be taking some notes 🙂

  2. I love this list, I have to say some of my favourite anniversary gifts are just a meal out at one of my favourite restaurants and a film of my choice. My husband and I have very different tastes in entertainment so I love it when he joins me occasionally. And jewellery is always a good idea.

  3. In my opinion, chocolate and flowers are a classic and you just can’t beat them. I mean, the geek jewellery is also pretty awesome…maybe as an add on to the flowers? Now I’m just being greedy! 😛

  4. We always struggle with what to get each other when our anniversary comes around. We’ve been together so long that we’ve practically bought each other EVERYTHING over the years so it’s nice to see ‘practical’ items on the list too and not just the usual

    • I guess its one of things which make a big difference each year. As long as you guys talk about what you want to do each year, it shows you are making an effort to celebrate your special day.

      John M

    • Thank you. I didn’t spoil her with all of these ideas, but some of them. I did this list as a way of inspiring people to think about their anniversaries.

      John M

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