Why Helix Mattress May Be Perfect for Geeks

Helix-Lifestyle | Why Helix Mattress May Be Perfect for Geeks

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Why Helix Mattress May Be Perfect for Geeks

It is impossible for one type of mattress to fit the sleeping needs of every single individual. Therefore, the producers of the Helix mattress have decided to provide individually designed mattresses that ensure the best comfort and just the right amount of support for your specific needs.

Helix-Lifestyle | Why Helix Mattress May Be Perfect for Geeks

The Helix mattress is a custom-built mattress designed to provide the desired feel, the perfect support depending on your sleeping position and body type, and, very importantly, a cool or warm sleeping surface depending on how you like to sleep.

Why Customise Your Geeky Mattress?

A customised mattress is not a fashion whim, but a necessity considering that more and more people are struggling with sleep deprivation. The unpleasant long-term effects of sleep deprivation can range from memory issues and trouble concentrating to mood changes, a high risk of accidents, weakened immunity, high blood pressure, the risk of diabetes, weight gain, low sex drive, the risk of heart disease, or poor balance.

Teens rarely meet their sleep requirements despite their busy and continuously changing lifestyle. You become overwhelmed with school and at home responsibilities, while your independence is kicking in and your social life is expanding. Adolescence comes with a bunch of energy-draining intellectual, emotional, and physical changes. Sleep remains the only way to maintain your development and growth as well as your quality of life when you are a teenager.

Quality of Sleep

Geeks, like all teenagers, need a lot of quality sleep. A good mattress can help, but a mattress that emulates perfectly on your needs is a dream come true. The Helix mattress producers say sleep improves by 36% when users decide to replace their old, conventional mattress with an individually tailored mattress. A mediocre mattress will provide an ok sleep but why settle for ok when you can get the best possible sleep?

What Can the Helix Mattress Do for You?

Research has demonstrated that people who use a Helix mattress experienced improved back health, REM sleep cycles, and overall comfort. In case you are interested in finding out more about the helix mattress and the concept and technology behind it, read a comprehensive Helix analysis here. The Helix mattress comes in three versions:

  1. The individual mattress is ideal for one person and is customized by changing the order and densities of layers in your Helix mattress to deliver the best temperature regulation, provide your preferred feel, and ensure optimal support and response to your body shape to align your spine horizontally.
  2. The blended mattress is ideal for couples and is designed to produce a medium across the whole mattress. The happy medium is achieved by varying the materials of each layer, changing the densities of the materials, and shifting the order of the layers in your Helix mattress to reflect a combination of both your preferences.
  3. The dual-comfort mattress is two individually customized mattresses in one. The mattress is split down the middle, and each side is customized according to each partner’s preference as far as temperature and firmness while taking into consideration sleeping position and body type to ensure the perfect comfort on each side.

Within this context, customizing your mattress makes a lot of sense, whether you are a geek or not. Remember that your geek status means you are exposed to more intellectual effort than other people, and your body automatically requires more quality sleep.

A customized mattress, such as Helix mattress, can be the solution to your problems: morning crankiness or/and grogginess, mood changes, waking up in the middle of the night, stress, inability to focus on thinking or concentration, feeling physically and mentally exhausted, sore muscles, and more.

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