Parrot Mambo Minidrone Review

IMG_8451 | Parrot Mamabo Minidrone Review

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Parrot Mambo Minidrone Review

This week I was sent a ‘Parrot Mambo MiniDrone‘ and when it said you could pilot the drone via a smart phone or tablet, I was even more intrigued at what this drone could do. The drone comes with a Quick start guide, a Battery, a top mounted canon, a grappler, a bag of bb gun pellets and USB cable to charge the drone’s battery. The Parrot Mambo is a small palm sized drone and has about 5-6 minutes of flight time on a single charge. This mini-drone is ideal for beginner to intermediary users and is good for just a bit of fun around the house or keeping the kids entertained for a few minutes at a time.

IMG_8450 | Parrot Mambo Minidrone Review

This is how the Parrot Mambo Mini Drone looks before it is unboxed. The Hull or propeller guards are already attached for you, so you don’t need to attach them.

IMG_8451 | Parrot Mambo Minidrone Review

As mentioned previously, the drone is boxed with a Canon which fires BB gun pellets, a grappler, one rechargeable batter and USB cable. I am not totally sure what the black block is for as it is not really mentioned in the quick start guide.

IMG_8457 | Parrot Mambo Minidrone Review

Before you start using the drone, you will need to install the battery. The battery has some notches on the top and should be loaded with these notches facing upwards. Once the battery is fitted, the battery clicks in to place. It is then secured and should not fall out if the drone collides with any objects.

IMG_8463 | Parrot Mamabo Minidrone Review

Mounting the canon on top of the mini-drone is done as follows: the contacts need to be aligned with the contacts on top of the drone. There is a small flange with secures the canon in place. You will then have to press firm on the top of the canon, by holding the drone in one hand while making sure the canon clicks in to place. Beneath the drone is the On-off button. Press this button once and both the drone and the canon should have a green LED’s light up. The canon is now ready and you can now load the small BB pellets in to the canon. Warning: Please be mindful when using this drone with canon near babies or pets, so that they DO NOT swallow these pellets.

iPad Apps | Parrot Mambo Minidrone Review

Okay, leave the drone to charge. It can take about 1 hour to fully charge the drone. While the drone is charging, download the FreeFlight Mini app from the App store (for Apple) or from the Google play (for Android users).

IMG_2314 | Parrot Mambo Minidrone Review

Now that the app installed, you meed to make sure your blu-tooth is switched on. When the drone has finished charging, you will then need to make sure your iPhone or iPad can see the drone. You then be given at option to say if the hull is connected or not. You then be presented with the controls for the drone. You can either launch from your hand or from a flat surface.

IMG_2317 | Parrot Mambo Minidrone Review

The controls on the left control lift or rotate to left or right. The right controls are for forward, backwards, yaw to left or Yaw to Right. You have a flight time and battery percentage indicator. Once the battery reaches 7% or lower, you will hear a warning tone saying the drone needs to land or it will crash land. The done cannot fly below 7% of total battery power. It is far safer to land the drone as soon as the Low Battery Indicator flashes red on your mobile device. When the drone is in flight mode, the Take off text will change to Land.

Tutorial Video’s

As part of this review, I felt it would be great to show a few video’s which I found on YouTube and on the Parrot Website. I find these types of video’s just as useful as writing these reviews. A picture is worth a 1000 words, but I video is worth that 100’s more.

This video discusses how to set up your drone, straight out of the box.

How to pilot your drone using a smart phone or tablet.

Now this video I found more fun. Using the grappler or canon can be so much fun, but as I have found, they also eat in to your battery. Having fun is what the drone is all about. The Parrot Mambo cost £79.99 and can be purchased from Here.

Final Remarks

This drone is very clever and can perform mini stunts from a pre-programmed tab on the control. Doing left or right flips. You can also do front or back flips too. The only down side to this drone, is the fact that it winds up my dogs and they are constantly barking at the drone, when its in the air. So, please keep the drone away from pets, because they could jump up and damage your little toy. At nearly £80, they are NOT cheap. You can purchase a different type of controller to use other than using your smart phone. You can find or replace the hull components if the become lost or damaged. These are not too expensive. I did find an external battery pack with three extra battery’s. These batteries can make your drone fly for longer and you can have way more fun in the process. Overall, this drone is a great little device. While using the drone outside, I have to be more careful as the wind can take hold of it fairly easily. The drone has already landed in next door’s garden on more than one occasion. Using the smart phone does take some getting used to but overall I love the drone and I think it would make a great gift.

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John M

*I was sent this Mini-Drone in exchange for a review

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    • I think that is what this model is aimed at. For this just starting out, wanting to learn how to use drones with fun but also with responsibility.

      John M

  1. This is really cool! It amazes me how far technology has come since I was a child (and I’m only 32, lol). It’s also crazy how affordable things can be.

    • It’s freighting just how far we have come in the last 30 years. At £80, this is on the expensive side but not expensive at the big drones.

      John M

    • Thats what I was thinking. I was very surprised too how quickly this little drone moves. You can adjust the speed via the mobile device, but making small adjustments can reduce the flight time on the drone.

      John M

    • Every time I take the drone outside, the eldest of our two dogs constantly barks at it. He either finds it fun or annoying. As for standing up against a 5 year old, these pellets hurt. I know cos I have fired them at myself just to see if they would hurt or not. So I wouldn’t suggest you doing that.

      John M

  2. We’ve been thinking about getting a drone but literally know nothing about them. They all seem quite pricey. This looks like a good one though.i like the fact you can control it from your phone

    • That’s one one the reasons I think some drone manufacturers are trying to appeal to a new audience. By using smart phones as remote controls for using a drone etc.

      John M

  3. this looks awesome… my partner would have hours of fun playing with this. He loves to try out new gadgets. one for the christmas list maybe. x

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