Rogue One A Star Wars Story

Trailer One Just before the Christmas holidays, I had the chance to go and see Rogue One A Star Wars story and this Movie worth the wait. There had been...

The Top Six Films In My Movie Collection

The Top Six Movies In My Film Collection Until recently I didn't realise I was such a geek/nerd until my wife made a comment about the amount of DVD's or Blu-Rays I had...

Captain America Civil War Review

Captain America Civil War Review Potential Movie Spoilers. On April the 29th, I went to see the UK release of 'Captain America: Civil War' so I could review the movie for the blog....

The Most Anticipated and Exciting New SCI-FI Of 2016

We have a new year and some new SCI-FI (Science Fiction) shows/movies to watch in 2016. As part of my list, I have put together my top 6 SCI-FI shows/movies for 2016....

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How To Edit Selective Colour Images

Today I'm going to share how I edit photographs and create selective colour images. Whenever I have completed a photography shoot, I...

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