Batman vs Superman Movie Review


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Batman vs Superman Movie Review

I have been lucky enough to go and see the new DC movie Batman vs Superman. I went to the midnight showing and I was totally surprised by how many people had actually attended the same time slot.

I had been waiting for this movie for a long time and I just wanted to see if it could live up to the hype.

Sure enough, I was not left disappointed with lots of action to chew on, not including my nacho’s.

What better way to gain some fond memories from the movie is to come away with  a Slurpy cup. I got the Superman toppy just to be a day dreaming geek.

Batman vs Superman Movie Review

The movie starts very slowly, however, it does start to pick up after forty-five minutes. Before all the action, Lois Lane discovers a sinister plot to make superman out as the villain, rather than being the hero we need him to be. At this point although it is not made quite clear, Lex Luther is already up to mischief. The first time we see Lex, he wants access to General Zod’s body and the crashed spaceship which we see in the Man of Steel movie.

Bruce Wayne is really hacked off with Superman and the destruction he brought to Gotham and Metropolis. Bruce Wayne’s anger is slowly building to dangerous levels.

While at a gala hosted by Lex, Clark overhears Bruce Wayne’s butler, Alfred Pennyworth guiding Bruce down to Lex Luther’s server room. While at the Gala, here enters Wonder Woman’s alias Diana Prince (portrayed by the actress Gal Gadot).

Bruce wants to find out what the ‘White Portuguese” is and what is has to do with Superman. Eventually, Bruce Wayne discovers that the White Portuguese is a ship containing a mineral which can harm all Kryptonians, which means it can harm Superman.

Batman Vs Superman Trailer

Meanwhile, Lois Lane is still trying to uncover a conspiracy which may include the US Government. Lois seeks the help of General Swanwick, now a Secretary to the US Government administration. Gen Swanwick is reluctant at first but then starts to trust that Lois Lane may be on to something.

Bruce finds and gets a hold of the kryptonite which Lex has acquired. Bruce Wayne seems determined to weaponise the kryptonite into any type of weapon he can think of, including making a kryptonite gas grenade.

Bruce Wayne eventually decrypts the file he stole from Lex, which contains a list of Meta-Humans (DC Comics ways of saying: extraordinary people with power). Bruce learns of Diana Princes real identity along with The Flash, Aquaman and The Cyborg. These characters are building up for the Justice League movies with their own side movies.

Lead up to the Justice League

While Bruce and Clark are being forced to pit their wits against each other, Lex is scheming to build himself a monstrosity, this will conclude the end fight in dramatic style. Lex arranges to kidnap Clarks mom, Martha Kent and Lois Lane to draw out Superman. It works as Lois Lane is thrown off the top of Lex Corp Skyscraper. Superman flies in to save Lois just in the nick of time.

The fight commences between Batman and Superman. Batman unleashes his kryptonite gas grenades weakening Superman for Batman to begin his onslaught.

Superman takes quite a beating at the hands of Batman, just as the Kryptonite gas wears off; Superman tries to regain the upper hand and take control of the battle. Batman continues to use all his weaponry at his disposal and Superman suffers for it. The only person who can save Superman is Lois Lane, just as Batman tries to use a Kryptonite spear in an attempt to kill off Superman in one final act of vengeance.

Lois Lane gets there within a millimeter of Supermans life. Superman utters the name of his mother who just happens to share the same name of Bruce Wayne’s mother, Martha Wayne and Martha Kent. As Batman realizes they share a common interest, Batman gives in and stops his assault. Lois Lane saves the day.


Same Old Lex Luther

Batman has a new mission and heads off to save Clarks mother from a band of mercenaries who are answering to Lex Luther. Let’s just say that this one really big fight scene for Batman and he pulls it off by the skin of his teeth. The look on Lex Luther’s face when he find out that Batman and Superman have spoiled his plans. All is not done, as Lex manages to pull off one more wicked surprise.

Doomsday is born from the corpse of Zod’s body and the blood of Luther. This is one massive fight scene, with Wonderman entering the fight, giving the fans a glimpse of what she is capable.

Everytime Doomsdays is injured, he regenerates with more invincibility. Typically the US Gov try to nuke Doomsday, bad idea. While Superman is left to regenerate one his own after barely surviving the nuclear blast, Doomsday goes after Wonder Woman and Batman.

EPIC Doomsday Fight Scene

While Superman is left to regenerate one his own, Doomsday is chasing down Wonder Woman and Batman. Superman realises that the only way to kill Doomsday is with the same spear that Batman has built to kill Superman. The only problem being is that Lois Lane has thrown the spear into deep water.

Lois is trapped trying to retrieve the spear and Superman has to save Lois from drowning. Superman almost drowns trying to retrieve the spear but he fights through the pain barrier.

As Superman thrusts the spear deep into Doomsday, Superman is stabbed by Doomsday. Just like the comics and the cartoons, the world thinks that Superman is dead when in truth, his heart has only slowed down to properly regenerate. Superman will be back. The Justice League needs superman.

Bruce Wayne and Diana Prince team up to find the others in Lex Luther video archives. From that moment on, the Justice League is starting to build up into the team we know and love.

Batman Vs Superman Conclusion

Although it was a little slow at first, the movie does make up for what transpires later on in the movie. It takes one mega battle for Batman to realise he was wrong to try to kill Superman.

In the end, they all know each others secret identities and understand each others pains. This is one movie which does not disappoint.

The movie is a bit long at 2 hours and 35 minutes but is one big adrenaline ride. Some dream scenes with Batman hints of things to come by the way of Darkseid.

The first proper Justice League movie is going to be action packed. Batman Vs Superman was worth the wait. I can’t wait for the Blu-Ray version of the movie.

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John Milnes


    • Not many people enjoy these types of movies but I did and I am glad I went to see it. The Film critics hated it and have been proven wrong, because many people have gone to see it any way.

      John M

    • I did enjoy the movie, more than I thought it would be quite honest. The fact it is over 2 and half hours long, is just a tad too long; but saying that, it is a very good movie.

      John M

  1. I try to avoid reading this post, as I want to go! A few people that I know have seen it already, and not everyone is happy about it. But I still want to go and watch it and make my mind up myself. Glad you enjoyed the film very good review. Hope you enjoyed geeking out! 🙂 xxx

  2. I am in two minds about watching Batman VS Superman just because the reviews are calling it medicore and I have to confess although Cavill is attractive and did a solid job in Man of Steel I am not sure on Ben Affleck as Batman. I might be wrong you never know but glad you enjoyed it and your slurpy cup looks cool.

    • I guess it is down to personal choice, I have to admit that I had been waiting for this movie for some time. Yes, my expectations were high and I felt the movie lived up to those expectations. Ben Affleck pulled off a great job as Batman, he does a great job.


  3. Being a typical woman I am so much more into the rom coms than I am in to this sort of movie although I know my Hubby is very keen to see this and it sounds like it will be just up his street. Love the slurply cup!

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