Transformers: BumbleBee The Movie

BumbleBee a Transformers Movie poster

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Transformers: BumbleBee The Movie

Over the Christmas Holidays, my daughter and I went to see Transformers: BumbleBee The Movie with a twist.

If you want to wait to see the Movie, just a WARNING! there are a few SPOILERS included.

Bumblebee goes back to the roots of the Transformers story if you ever grew up with the Transformers cartoon in the 80’s.

BumbleBee was known for talking through is car radio, rather than his own voice. This movie explains this in more detail, along with some artistic license thrown in for good mix.

BumbleBee Trailer

When I first saw the BumbleBee Trailer, I was beyond excited. Mainly because I thought this movie was going back to its humble beginnings.

I was not wrong. The BumbleBee Trailer starts of with Charlie, a girl struggling with personal loss and listening to her Walkman (aka cassette player just incase you didn’t know).

Charlie finds a VW in rusting a corner with a Beehive in the wheel arches.

When Charlie get her new car home, things are not what they seem. Her first beloved is a HUGE robot. Here is where the fun begins for Charlie.

BumbleBee Film

The Bumblebee Film was directed by Travis Knight (The BoxtrollsParaNorman). Not really known for his movies, but his animations, where he was the lead animator.

With this in mind, Travis Knight wanted to take us back to the humble beginnings of the Transformers on Earth. Travis knight certainly did that.

With Michael Bay and Steven Spielberg as producers, this is one Transformers movie packed with a LOT of fun and humour.

BumbleBee a Transformers Movie poster
Image from IMDB

Where is the Transformer Optimus Prime?

Straight from the beginning, the action take us back to Cybertron, the home of Transformers race. You cannot have the transformers without Optimus Prime.

Original Transformers Optimus Prime Toy
Original Transformers Optimus Prime Toy

When BumbleBee lands on Earth, a small battle takes place and BumbleBee looses his voice and his memory through the fight.

To avoid detection for the US Army, BumbleBee transforms in the VW Beetle we have to love through the cartoons. It is shortly thereafter that our human main character enters the fray.

Is that Optimus Prime?

When the action take us to Cybertron, you can be left asking. Is that Optimus Prime?

The answer is YES. And this the original cartoon and toy shape which Optimus is best known for, compared to the way Michael Bay movies and given him a major face lift in the updated Transformer movies.

I was really happy to see Optimus prime back in his big red Truck form, mostly as I had that toy as child.

In the closing scenes, we do see Optimus prime on Earth. A total nostalgic moment which the most Transformers movies have totally missed in my opinion.

BumbleBee Soundtrack

Have you wondered who sings the Bumblebee Soundtrack? Well guess who sings it? The lead actress Hailee Steinfeld does take on double role.

Hailee Steinfeld (Enders Game, Romeo and Juliet -2013, Pitch Perfect 2 & 3) a singer/song writer, turned actress takes the lead and she really takes control of her role.

A strong female lead who plays the character Charlie, who has her own post teenage life issues to deal with, a next door neighbour called Memo (Jorge Lendeborg Jr) a school nerd who has a crush on her.

Hailee Steinfield closing song is totally dedicated to BumbleBee and bringing him back to life in the best way love to see our loveable Autobot.

Transformers Bumblebee

The lovable Transformer Bumblebee, is a timid robot and searching to find himself once more, when he comes in contact with a kindred spirit of Charlie (Hailee Steinfield).

Bumblebee from the original transformers has taken on the form of the much loved VW Beetle, and this is the last car he sees, before his systems shut down due to fight which lands him on earth.

BumbleBee Cast:

  1. Hailee Steinfeld as Charlie
  2. John Cena as Agent Burns
  3. Jorge Lendeborg Jr. as Memo
  4. Nick Pilla as Young Agent Simmons
  5. Dylan O’Brien as BumbleBee (Voice)
  6. Peter Cullen as Optimus Prime (Voice)
  7. Angela Bassett as Shatter (Voice)
  8. Justin Theroux as Dropkick (Voice)
  9. David Sobolov as Blitzwing (Voice)
  10. Jon Bailey as Shockwave / Soundwave (Voice)
BumbleBee Transformers
BumbleBee Transformers from Amazon

BumbleBee makes a few mistakes and totally trashes Charlies home, all by accident of course.

John Cena

WWE’s John Cena playing Agent Burns from Sector 7, who is trying to track down BumbleBee for his new Deception Allies. Agent Burns is totally sceptical of the Deceptions and for good reason. He doesn’t buy their propaganda and has his own agenda.

John Cena makes a really good impression and although a protagonist for the US Gov, he has a soft heart and lets BumbleBee go at the end. It would seem all WWE muscle men are all big softies at heart.

Best Transformers Movie in a LONG time

BumbleBee is the best Transformers movie I have seen in a long time. The fun is non stop and is action packed from start to finish. There are a few cameo roles from our old loveable Transformer characters and even a young Agent Seymour Simmons who is NOT played by John Turturro as in the latest Transformer movies.

If you love the old Transformers cartoon or movies from the 80’s, then this movie is for you and your family.

It is child friendly movie and although there are explosions, this Transformer movie does not disappoint.

This is one heck of a fun movie and we really enjoyed it.

John M

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