5 TV Series You Should Catch Up On In 2019

The Flash | 5 TV Series You Should Catch Up On In 2019

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5 TV Series You Should Catch Up On In 2019

There’s nothing quite like getting engrossed in a TV series. Somehow, you feel like you’re really there with them and when it ends, it can be devastating to wait for the next episode or series to come out.

If you’re like most, you’ll wait until a series has finished filming to catch up on it so that you’re able to binge watch it all in one go. There are a plethora of TV shows out there, but here are some of our top picks that you should catch up on in 2019.

The Flash | 5 TV Series You Should Catch Up On In 2019

The Flash

Set in the fictional city of central city, the Flash is a TV series about the comic hero that we all know and love. You get to see Barry Allen as he turns into the Flash thanks to the evil Dr Wells and his particle accelerator, who is perfectly portrayed by Tom Cavanagh.

Barry (Grant Gustin) and his team fight a plethora of super villains who were also affected by the actions of Dr Wells. Not everyone is bad though, as you see Barry form many friendships, allegiances, and also falls in love with his childhood crush Iris West. With comedy, drama, and some kick-ass fight scenes, it’s sure to spark your attention and have you hooked in no time.

While we’re now on season 5 of the Flash (returning to our screens next Tuesday, 15th January), we definitely recommend taking it back to the beginning and catching up from the start as you’ll notice references from previous episodes and seasons throughout the show. An addicting series that you definitely shouldn’t miss!

The Gifted

If you know and love the X-Men films then you’re sure to love The Gifted as it’s a television series derived from the amazing Marvel films. Stephen Moyer, who you may know from True Blood plays Reed, an officer against mutants.

Unfortunately, he has to go on the run with his two mutant teens and his wife when their powers begin to emerge. To everyone’s surprise, Reed also has powers and has the ability to disintegrate matter. However, you follow his story as he struggles to control his powers and takes on his new life as a mutant.

You can watch The Gifted on UK TV now, which means no more waiting until it’s been aired and released on a program in the UK. With one hell of a lot of drama, super cool powers and fight scenes, you should most definitely catch up from the start with The Gifted!

One Tree Hill

A show that began in 2003 and ran until 2012, you follow a close group of friends in a small town called Tree Hill. You begin by meeting the characters Brooke (Sofia Bush), Peyton, Haley, Nathan, Lucas, and many other well known characters in their high school years, as they face typical dramas of hooking up with their crushes.

However, the show takes a wicked turn and gives the characters opportunities to shine. Nathan and Haley get married in high school, Lucas joins the basketball team, Brooke and Peyton argue over Lucas and overall, it’s a TV show that will have you hooked from episode one.

You can also expect star appearances from singers and actors all over the world who play themselves such as Gavin DeGraw (who wrote the theme tune ‘I don’t wanna be’) and Fall Out Boy in the earlier series.

Dr Who

A legendary series that’s been running for decades has changed dramatically over the past few months. For the first time ever, a woman is now the Doctor (played by Jodie Whittaker).

Dr Who | 5 TV Series You Should Catch Up On In 2019

Many people were outraged by this revelation and the show has lost some of its viewership. However, we’ve been following the latest series on from Peter Capaldi and we think it’s absolutely brilliant.

Jodie Whittaker has taken the role in her stride and made the role of Dr Who her very own. Accompanied by three companions, including the well known Bradley Walsh from many UK shows such as The Chase, you follow the Doctor and her companions in solving extraterrestrial mysteries around the universe.

If you’ve followed any of the previous series of Dr Who, you’ll know that once every while we get the treat of a special episode to enjoy. Our personal favourite is the Day of the Doctor, where Matt Smith, David Tenant, and the late and great John Hurt get together for a super special episode where past and present Doctors meet. We hope Jodie gets this chance soon

Once Upon A Time

Producing its final series in 2018, Once Upon a Time (OUAT) began its first season in 2011. Starring the brilliant Robert Carlyle as Rumplestiltskin, you see him and many other fairytale characters such as the Evil Queen (Lana Parilla), Cinderella (Jennifer Morrison), Captain Hook (Colin O’Donoghue) and many other wonderful characters battle through unusual attacks.

Starting in the village of Storybrooke, Henry (Cinderella’s son) seeks out his birth mother and brings her to Storybrooke, where he’s faced with the challenge of making her believe that everyone that lives there is a fairytale character.

Once she believes, a curse is broken and everyone gains their powers back.

A truly gripping story that will leave you wanting more and more. With 7 seasons, there’s plenty to catch up on! We hope you fall in love with the characters as much as we did!

So there we have it, 5 incredible TV series that you should catch up on, or even watch for the first time in 2019! A mix of action, magic, drama, love, and comedy for you to look forward to bingeing on this year!

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