Captain America Civil War Review

Captain America Civil War Review Potential Movie Spoilers. On April the 29th, I went to see the UK release of 'Captain America: Civil War' so I could review the movie for the blog....
Gadgets For The Outdoors Geek

Gadgets For The Outdoors Geek

The outdoors geek is the best type of geek. Typically when we talk about this, you would think of a geek as someone who is indoors in their room all of...

The Top Six Films In My Movie Collection

The Top Six Movies In My Film Collection Until recently I didn't realise I was such a geek/nerd until my wife made a comment about the amount of DVD's or Blu-Rays I had...

The Most Anticipated and Exciting New SCI-FI Of 2016

We have a new year and some new SCI-FI (Science Fiction) shows/movies to watch in 2016. As part of my list, I have put together my top 6 SCI-FI shows/movies for 2016....

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How To Edit Selective Colour Images

Today I'm going to share how I edit photographs and create selective colour images. Whenever I have completed a photography shoot, I...

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