Datacolor SpyderX Elite Review


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For as long as I can remember, I have always wanted properly calibrate my iMac monitor. I follow quite a few photographers on YouTube and I have seen how they manage to get their photos looking like they want them to. When I came across a video by FSTOPPERS, I set myself a goal of aiming for one to review through the blog or to purchase one, whichever came first.


When you Purchase the SpyderX Pro/Elite. You receive a code to active the Elite version of the SypderUtility Monitor Software. Or at least that is what I was sent for this review. I was given the SpyderX Pro device and the SypderX Elite software activation code.


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Which SpyderX Is Best For Me

Which SpyderX option is best for me? Well, I had a look at the options for the Datacolor SypderX software and went from there. If you have used other Datacolor Sypder devices in the past, this will be an easier choice to make for new versions as they are released. For me, I knew that I needed more options as my office and editing equipment increases, so I required more adaptable options and the SpyderX Elite version suited those needs.

When it comes to comparing my photos for in-studio side by side and being able to do soft proofing with print output previews for my clients, which I would not be able to do on the SpyderX Pro version.

Why The SpyderX Elite is the Better Option?

Why did I choose the SpyderX Elite Edition over the Pro option? Quite simply, I have more than one monitor and computer for doing my editing and I need to be able to calibrate all of my monitor’s side by side. I also need to see and compare my monitor colours, before and after calibration and see the differences that matter most in my photo editing work.


With the SpyderX Elite edition, I get to see what my images will look different when I print or view them on other devices such as tablets. With the Softproof function, I also get to see what my images are like through a simulated (only available with the Elite version) view and how these changes are affected across all of my devices. I can see these changes on my calibrated screen(s). When it comes to printing my work, I can see how my prints will look for a specific printer model, paper and ink type.

Why Do I need to Calibrate My Computer Monitor?

When I edit my photographs, I am always mindful of two things. Are my photographs too bright or the right colour? This can be a constant battle from the moment you take a photograph, to transferring your images off your memory card to the computer.

Are the images you see on your camera matching in colour, brightness and contrast all aligned and matching equally when it comes to the final print. If your monitor is not calibrated properly, you will begin to see how different your images are when they are printed or appear on your client’s monitor(s). So calibrating your monitor, is just as important as making sure you have the correct exposure for your photographs.


Can I Calibrate My Projector Too?

The short answer to this question is Yes you can. You may have to look up your projector manual on how to calibrate your projector. The SpyderX device does have a 1/4 inch screw thread so you can mount the device on a tripod. You will need to then connect the SpyderX device to the projector and run the software on your computer. The software will do the rest.

Datacolor SpyderX Pro Options

Feature Description for the Pro Version

  • Single Click & Wizard Calibration Capability – YES
  • Multiple Monitor Support – YES
  • Ambient Light Monitoring & Profile Switching – YES
  • Before and After Calibration Review – YES
  • Display Mapping & Analysis Tools – Basic Option
  • Calibration Setting Choices – 12 for the Pro Option

Datacolor SpyderX Elite Options

Feature Description for the Elite Version

  • Single Click & Wizard Calibration Capability – YES
  • Multiple Monitor Support – YES
  • Ambient Light Monitoring & Profile Switching – YES
  • Before and After Calibration Review – YES
  • Display Mapping & Analysis Tools – Advanced Option
  • Calibration Setting Choices – Unlimited the Elite Option
  • Expert Console Calibration – YES
  • Video & Cinema Calibration Targets – YES
  • Soft Proof of Print Results – YES
  • Projector Calibration – YES
  • Display Matching in Studio – YES
  • Visual Fine-Tuning for Side-by-side Display Match – YES

How Easy Is It To Calibrate My Monitors?

How easy is it to calibrate my monitors? The answer is very simple. It is VERY easy and with each update of the Spyder software and the Sypder device(s). Each calibration time is reduced, making each calibration just that little bit shorter. If you are calibrating your monitor for the first time, it could take longer than normal. You can set a 30-day reminder for when you need to calibrate your monitor again.


After my first monitor calibration, I had to get used to having the screen brightness lower than I was otherwise used to. It can take a bit of getting used to, but it to be honest, if it meant having my photos correctly exposed on the camera and not having them adjusted too much via lightroom, I guess it was a huge compromise for screen-brightness. Where I am only limited to 12 calibration choices on the Pro option. I get unlimited calibration options for the Elite version.

Photography Studio Calibration Kits

There many other calibration options from Datacolor. So once you have calibrated your monitor. You can also calibrate your camera, by making sure your camera is capturing the colour shades, white balance (WB) and your lenses are focusing correctly.

SpyderX Capture Pro Kit

Why not go for the whole thing, as in calibrating your computer monitor, your camera and your printer. This Datacolor SypderX Studio package allows you to ensure that everything you see from your screen to the image printed in front of you, matches in brightness, colour and white balance scale.


Datacolor SypderX Elite Pro and Cons

The SypderX Pro is £136.21 on and the Elite version is £172.00. Although the prices have come down considerably, you are still paying quite a lot for side by side studio fine tunning, unlimited calibration options plus a heck of a lot more than the Pro version offers.


If you are not wanting all of what the Elite version offers, then the SpyderX Pro version will be more than necessary for your home office equipment. So the Pros and Cons are what you are looking for from your SpyderX purchase and weighing up your available budget.

*Disclosure: We were sent this item in exchange for an honest review. All the words in this post are my own.

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