Fun Ideas for a Surprise Birthday Hamper for a Gamer

Gadgets for Gamers

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When thinking of a birthday present for someone who games, it is often difficult to rack your brain for good ideas. Sometimes, the person you are buying for already has quite a lot of different things, or they don’t give you a clear answer when you ask what they want, which can leave you in the dark. This may leave you reluctant to spend money on things that you don’t actually know if they’ll like, and there is nothing worse than money being wasted or receiving a present you don’t have much use for. This year, instead of getting them a big and expensive present, why not get a few smaller things and put them into a hamper? This way, there is less pressure on one main present. It also makes it more fun when they’re opening the various gifts – here are a couple of ideas on what to get for a gamer friend.

Gadgets for Gamers

A Funny Pair of Socks

If you’re buying multiple presents, why not make some of them serious and some a bit more sarcastic and fun? This way, you will have a good mix and they never will know what they’re going to open next. In some of the more fun presents, consider getting them some socks that say funny things to make them laugh and add a bit of lighthearted humor into the gift-giving. Socks are an inexpensive gift but this is something that they can keep for years to come and look back on fondly. They are also something they can wear when gaming to keep their feet warm! 

A Customized Gaming Pillow

To get something with the theme of gaming for them, why not try a customized gaming pillow? This could be used when they are actually gaming to support their neck or back, and they can be customized with pictures of them or their favorite games. You could make this funny and edit their head onto the body of one of the characters in their games. If their room is decorated in this way, this will add something funny and fitting to it. 

A New Mug

Gamers often need a cup of coffee or tea to stay up during the intensity of the game they are playing. Why not get them a new mug that they can use while gaming? It can be nice to have your own special mug too, rather than having to share one with the house. This way, it won’t matter if your gamer friend ends up keeping the mug in their room – as it’ll be specially assigned to them. This will also encourage them to take breaks and not game an unhealthy amount – socializing with friends or family is always a great use of a break. 

Birthday hampers are really fun to create and it is likely that you will get a great response. Why not put the items in a box or a basket with shredded tissue paper and confetti inside, so they have to hunt for their presents? 

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