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Trailer One

Just before the Christmas holidays, I had the chance to go and see Rogue One A Star Wars story and this Movie worth the wait.

There had been a lot of media hype leading up to this movie, and you know what, it was full worth the wait. If you were trying think where this movie would fit into the current Star Wars Saga.

It fits in right before the ‘A New Hope’ Storyline of how the Rebel alliance got the plans for the Empires feared Death Star.

Rogue One Leading Actors

The female lead cast for this movie had a lot to live up to with previous Star Wars episodes.

But this is a stand-alone story but still related to the current line of Star Wars movies. Felicity Jones (Cape Wrath, Weirdsister College, The Worst Witch, The Diary of Anne Frank, Servants).

A UK actress born in Birmingham, West Midlands; plays a character called Jyn Erso and pulls off a strong performance along with her supporting cast.

If you have not seen any of the trailers, Yes, that is Forest Whitaker (more about that later) in a Star Wars Movie. Mads Mikkelsen (James Bond: Casino Royale, 2006 version; Hannibal, Dr Strange) plays Jyn’s father as an Imperial Weapons developer and scientist working on the Empires now not so secret project (aka: The Death Star).

Trailer 2

The one thing which I found really interesting, is the role of Governor Grand Moff Tarkin, played by Peter Cushing; who passed away back in 1994.

By all accounts, Disney approached the Cushing Estate before attempting a bold move of using VERY convincing CGI (Computer Generated Imaginary).

The voice behind Moth Tarkin was another British actor Guy Henry and gives and outstanding and believable performance.

Guy Henry is a lot taller than Peter Cushing used to be, so I did pick up on a slight problem of how Gov Grand Moth Tarkin had grown in size since Peter Cushing’s death in 1994.

That was just a minor formality, but seeing Tarkin back in a Star Wars movie, sent shivers down my spine.

Rogue One A Star Wars Story

*All photos/images courtesy of Disney Studios

Guest Appearances

Where would Star Wars be if there wasn’t an appearance from Darth Vadar.

And oh boy does he make an appearance. He is given some brilliant but short dialogue and James Earl Jones reprises his role as the voice to the Deathly and formidable Darth Vadar.

There are a lot of new faces in this movie too, well some who may not know Diego Luna (who plays Cassian Andor in the Movie). An Italian actor who plays the male leading role.

Alan Tudyk (Firefly, I Robot, Serenity, Transformers: Dark Side of the Moon, Wreck-it Ralph) provides his voice to a hilarious former Imperial droid called K-2SO, who has been reprogrammed by the Rebel Alliance and plays Cassian’s side-kick and partner in crime. K-2SO lends some brilliant humour to this movie with small and simple one-liners here and there.

k-2SO - Rogue One A Star Wars Story

Donnie Yen, a Chinese actor and Martial artist lend’s himself as reclusive and blind former Jedi Chirrut Îmwe.

He joins Jyn and her merry band of mercenaries all be it very reluctantly.

Forest Whitaker plays the even more rebellious ‘Saw Garrera’, who helped to cover Jyn’s real identity up until the age of 16, before people began to realise who she really was.

Garrera managed to upset the major Rebel Alliance hierarchy and go off and fight the Empire on his own terms and managing to become a feared warlord in the process.

Not one of Whitakers best roles if you believe all the film critics, for but me, I think Whitaker does a really good job and contributes by supplying a valuable insight into the youthful Jyn Erso life leading up to joining the Rebel Alliance.

Rogue One Plot

The scene is set and Jyn and her merry men run off to find and acquire the plans to the Death Star, with Ben Mandelsohn’s ‘Orson Krennic’ hot on heels and trying to thwart her at almost every turn.

Official Teaser Trailer

After being thwarted in trying to save her father once again from the clutches of the Empire, Jyn decides she must get the plans herself or die trying. After all, rebellions are full of hope.

Seeing more of the infamous Death Star and the inner workings of the magnificent space station. Rogue One highlights that the Death Star has only just begun its service at the hands of its Imperial Masters.

Ever wondered how they get that huge laser to work or how its powered? Well this movie explains all of that and more.

Just think of Jedi Lightsabers and Kyber crystals and not just one, but Lots and Lots of them.

As the empire hate the Jedi and exterminate anyone who is closely related to the Jedi, I will leave this out of my review (Go and see the movie if you want to find out more).

Rogue One Verdict

This has turned out to be one of the best movies of 2016 and was full worth the wait.

Seeing Darth Vadar sent shivers down my spine with sheer excitement with some much-needed screen time.

Felicity Jones makes amazing performance and the whole cast has done a brilliant job in bringing us this movie 🎥.

The CGI is not that overwhelming as with the other movies but the whole story line brilliant and tries to fill in some unanswered questions right up until the original movie: A New Hope.

I can’t wait for the Blu-Ray to come out around March-April to see what extra’s come with the movie. At least we know what happens in the next movie as the rest is already history.

John M

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