Sensio Home Three Tier Steamer Review

850_0984 | Sensio Home Three Tier Steamer Review

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Just before Christmas, I was sent a Sensio Home Three Tier Steamer to review. Since childhood, I had always known about the how better steamed food was for you. The only problem was, you had to get this great big pressure cooker and stick it on the stove. We had to rummage around in the cutlery draw to find the weights. Yep, I am a lot more older than I look. Nowadays, we no longer need those old stainless steel pressure cookers, we now have purpose made food steamers which don’t take as much room in the pan cupboard. Here is my ‘Sensio Home Three Tier Steamer Review’ and how easy this steamer is to use.

850_0984 | Sensio Home Three Tier Steamer Review

Best Way To Steam Veggies

The Sensio Home Silhouettes Stainless Steal steamer can steam any food, including boiling you eggs in purposely shaped egg holders within each tier of the steaming baskets.

850_0994 | Sensio Home Three Tier Steamer Review

Say Goodbye to Soggy Veggies and Overcooked Meals!

That’d right, you can say good bye to soggy food and overcooked meals thanks to this steamer.

  • 3 Steaming Baskets
  • Power: 800W
  • 6.8L Capacity
  • 60 Minute Timer
  • Water Level Indicator
  • Removable Drip Tray
  • Pull Out Water Drawer
  •  Stainless Steel Base
850_0998 | Sensio Home Three Tier Steamer Review

Having a safe minimum water line means you don’t run the danger of running the steamer dry. For added safety, you can even top up the water while the steamer is doing its job.

850_1001 | Sensio Home Three Tier Steamer Review

How To Use The Sensio Home Steamer

At the front, there is a small draw which pulls out and allows the person cooking to food, just to make sure you have enough water to do the job. If you think your food needs a bit more time, due to be a bit hard, just top up the water without the need for disturbing the food or scolding your self on the sides of the containers.

The timer dial on the front only counts down from 60mins/1 hour. Normally 60 minutes is enough cook you food adequately.

850_1007 | Sensio Home Three Tier Steamer Review

Stacking For Storage

The three tier steamer packs away so it doesn’t take up space in your cupboards. Once you have washed the steaming baskets, they just tuck up neatly without any fuss. When I read the mini booklet which came with the steamer, there were foods that I didn’t know you could steam. I think I will be using this steamer way more than I thought.

850_1008 | Sensio Home Three Tier Steamer Review

More Options For Steaming Veg

Having freshly steam and beautiful vegetables for our Christmas meal, gave us the prime reason for using our new Steamer. This would have been an ideal Christmas present, or it could be an ideal birthday gift of a loved one in the coming months. We don’t have to wait until Christmas next year to have fresh and say a permanent Goodbye to overcooked food. As New Years Eve is fast approaching, we now have way more options and variety in our daily meals.

Another method I love to use for cooking veggies is the Instant Pot. My life and I have three Instant Pots and they are great for pressure cooking vegetables. Check out this pressure cooker guide here:” Instant Pot Steamed Vegetables.

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Disclosure: *I was sent this appliance in exchange for a review. All photographs are my own.

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